Tips to DEPOLLUTE the lungs after Diwali…..

Before diwali when supreme court laid strict rules against bursting crackers for sure many cracker lovers have been disappointed. Many of them didnt follow this rule and as a result we have polluted air to breathe.According to System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research, the air quality rate on Wednesday and Thursday night in Mumbai was too bad but as compared to past two years the rate was good to observe. As compared to other Metro cities, Mumbai witness less pollution this diwali. But this rate is still not what we are stirving for, there are miles to go to get the pollution free air, we hope our generation play pivotol role in decreasing it.

Yoga v/s Exercise..

We all thrive in keeping our health at its best. All of us want to be physically and mentally fit, which has led to innovation of varied physical activities. Nowadays everyone is majorly health conscious and just want to be in their perfect abs and in toned figure. So for maintaining the abs and the sexy slim figure people dive into the sea of fitness centers, which offers to obtain the dream body you always wished for, with the help of exercise or yoga or some even advises to follow certain diets. But due to these different options, we fall in a muddle, whether to opt exercising or gym..

“PCOD” – what is it? how you get it? how to manage it?…in brief and simple words!

"I was 15 when i got my first periods, little late as compared to the girls nowadays hitting puberty. Ever since then, I started having struggle with my increasing weight, even though i am not as foodie as amita. As time flew, it made me realize,  it was mere sign of irregularity in periods. After few times of frequent irregularities my mom suggested to consult a doctor. So we visited a gynecologist and after she was done with the checkup and few sonographies she revealed the suspense of irregular periods as "PCOD".