9 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips…

Although there is no other evidence of winters in Mumbai except of dry and chapped skin, but we are still here with some super cool winter care tips for our readers. Dry Skin in winter is a common problem for which you need to know and follow winter care tips from the very start of the winters. Due to lack of humidity in air during winters, your skin is stripped of from much needed natural oils and moisture.

Tips for Unfashionable

I am sure you all have stalk  that one  woman around you, who is just sexy and with perfect sense of fashion.. How they dressed, how they accessorized, even how they arranged their various body part at particular period of time, just classy. They have different outlook for every function and they even get along with all sorts of fashion and rock their personality. And then there are many women there whose first chore in the morning is to decide what to wear for the day and after having a look at the wardrobe all they do is wear same monotonus clothes.