“Khadi”…a source to build sustainable fashion!!!

The image of Mahatma Gandhi at the charkha is one of universal appeal. It was through this the entire nation came together under the banner of Satyagraha. Spinning one's own yarn, weaving one's own cloth and making one's own clothes not only made the market for British mill made cotton faced a major setback but also brought the masses together from all corners of the country. As the nation prepares for 148th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation, we swanksters decided to celebrate 2nd October distinctly by remembering Gandhiji with his invincible contribution to the fashion industry by introducing Khaddar(khadi) and starting the movement which revolutionized the entire nation.

Glimpse of “London Fashion Week”!

Fashion’s more is more philosophy isn’t taking a back seat given some of the breathtaking looks at London Fashion Week. The recently concluded London Fashion Week was special for many reasons, it was home coming for Posh who showcased in London after many years and also has she completed a decade in Fashion and the designer Riccardo debuted at Burberry.

“9” most used “Fashion” Terms You Should know!

You must be aware folks that over the years and centuries, we have lived with fashion. The word FASHION connotes the way of living of each one of us, whther young or old or tiny tots. Fashion is what we visualize, it is the inner feeling of every human being to present oneself as per their thinking. We see, we hear, we live fashion. Every human being is aware of appearing as the occasion demands.Fashion is in the mode of living, for instance, in building constructions or otherwise, decorations, apparels,all breathe one word "Fashion". Fashion leads the world and i9t will continue to do so through centuries. Time keeps changing and so also 'fashion'.and along with fashion changes the words used to address the fashionable approach.