“Its better late then never”…pursue your dream career in simple steps!!

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!" - Walt Disney I never loved academics... but during my schooling days, i used to be constantly between the top 10 rankers in my class. The sole reason was, that my parents disciplined me to study. Frankly speaking, i liked the … Continue reading “Its better late then never”…pursue your dream career in simple steps!!

“UNTITLED” – Chapter 5 -Never ending Dreams..

...Gazing at the clock every now and then from last 2 hours, however it did not aided to subside my level of anxiety, which was constant in me since I entered the gate of one of the renowned Fashion brand, “House of Amberigin”. The interiors of the office seemed alike luxurious holiday resort, with beautiful canvases of art hung on walls and silhouettes wrapped around the figurines with textures and colours so vibrant and mollifying, I was awestruck, for a second my mind stopped thinking and ignored the fact that I am not here for a vacation!! I was waiting for an

Be the “BEST” and forget the rest!!

 ...Being a toddler, singing those nursery rhymes accurately was the biggest achievement ever. Those were the days, when scoring A+ on the progress report was your only goal and you used to thrive so hard just to bring out the "Best in you". you had that zeal, that passion to get it, no matter what!!! where is it now??? where is the urge, to "Be the best", the way unerringly you had in high school? what happened exactly??

“UNTITLED” – Chapter 2 – Fear is an emotion or a feeling???

“There was nothing so exciting about my high school days, it was as mediocre as an elbow in a human body. After passing my 10th  grade, I realized, I didn’t had those like-minded people around me, called “Gang of Friends”, with whom I would decide to spend the most happening days of my life…i.e. “college”, like my every other batch mates did!