9 Essential Winter Skin Care Tips…

Although there is no other evidence of winters in Mumbai except of dry and chapped skin, but we are still here with some super cool winter care tips for our readers. Dry Skin in winter is a common problem for which you need to know and follow winter care tips from the very start of the winters. Due to lack of humidity in air during winters, your skin is stripped of from much needed natural oils and moisture.

“Solitude” – the vital therapy for life!!

“Solitude is independence”. — Hermann Hesse I don’t remember the last time when I was alone spending time with “myself”..here myself means, me without any electronics!! I thought of specifying this coz we are more around gadgets now a days rather than people!! Okay coming towards you..i know even you don’t remember any such intimate moments with yourself. … Continue reading “Solitude” – the vital therapy for life!!

“PCOD” – what is it? how you get it? how to manage it?…in brief and simple words!

"I was 15 when i got my first periods, little late as compared to the girls nowadays hitting puberty. Ever since then, I started having struggle with my increasing weight, even though i am not as foodie as amita. As time flew, it made me realize,  it was mere sign of irregularity in periods. After few times of frequent irregularities my mom suggested to consult a doctor. So we visited a gynecologist and after she was done with the checkup and few sonographies she revealed the suspense of irregular periods as "PCOD".