Last monsoon trip to “Lake Bhandardara”

It’s still not the end of monsoons....yeah..another road trip to one of the most popular spots near Mumbai....there is always kind of an adventure when you travel without your get to know the local people of the area you visit to, also hitch hiking is fun..rather than sitting in your ac car and travelling … Continue reading Last monsoon trip to “Lake Bhandardara”

Go-to weekend destination – “Alibag – The serene town”!!!

Sand and sea , the two best things to unwind oneself from our so called mundane lifestyle. No matter if its monsoon or spring, you can go wander lusting on those serene beaches!!! Yes… a short trip to witness the tranquility of a beach in monsoons, it was undeniably the mystic view of heavy rains … Continue reading Go-to weekend destination – “Alibag – The serene town”!!!

Top 4 Monsoon No trek Getaways nearest to Mumbai!

Staying in Mumbai where Monsoons are a dream come true!! But on the other hand its totally havoc to travel Through those flooded roads everyday from home to office and vice versa. Hence, to the rescue are the monsoon weekends. Being a Mumbaikar we are blessed with countless absorbing spots which are not less then heaven when it's pouring. As we can see during monsoons, there are numerous tour companies offering trekking or hiking tours, which is a great benefit to hiking enthusiasts. but since we both are not trekking person and so are several people like us,

Top 4 Hill stations to visit in India!!

As we all know it very well India has whole lot of diversification in terms of religion, culture, tradition and language. These are century-old traditions and cultures that have prospered the lives of the people in Incredible India. To explore these traditions, hill stations are prime places, from the mighty Himalayas to the breathtaking Nilgiris, it forms a perfect holiday getaway. Since there are more than 50 awe-inspiring hills in India. We, swanksters made this easy for you and listed Top 4 most popular and must visit hill stations, whose mesmerizing beauty will coerced you to add them in your bucket list.