Irritating and Caring at the same time…… “SIBLINGS”

It is a blessing to have a brother.. oops did I say blessing?? He would probably be the most annoying creature on earth!! Let be the younger or older, he finds divine pleasure to keep bossing around you and nagging you to hell, finding out faults, teasing your childish nickname in front of your friends..making you feel embarrassed for the rest of your life, never let you watch your favourite TV channel, fights that are not less than a world war, blackmailing for your secrets.. I think the list will go on..I wish I could get rid of him!!

Tips to Maintain Vaginal Health

We are sure all ladies out there take good care of their health, makeup, foods to eat and to avoid. But what about the VAGINAL HEALTH??? When you talk about taking good care of your body, you don't always think about your vagina. But you should — because if you're good to your lady bits, they'll be good to you. Maintaining healthy vaginal is must as it is the most sensitive part of women’s body.Here are few tips to practice on maintaining vaginal health....

“UNTITLED” – Chapter 6 – Unexpected..

"Where are you??" Zyan was sounding low... "I’m stuck in work…I’ll be there in half n hour.." i replied. "Yes..i’m waiting.." he confirmed. I disconnected the call and wrapped up all the swatches of fabrics and the dresses which were to be displayed at the show the day after tomorrow.   It’s been my vision … Continue reading “UNTITLED” – Chapter 6 – Unexpected..

Home Remedies to cure Hangover….

Whether it be your birth party, your new job party, hangout at newly opened lavish food restaurant or new years eve, the celebration is incomplete without having some shots of your favorite Martini. For many people alcohol is mere way of relaxing oneself. Having your tempted drink once in a while is fine or drinking couple of cocktails for a evening is also good to go but over boarding or over indulgence strikes HANGOVER!!!!!! turning your nights fun into worst nightmare.....

Points to Consider before “JUDGING” someone..!!

...In this Millennial world, people are connected to each other effortlessly, thanks to all the social media platforms we adhere to!... we are prone to perceive new issues, events, articles from around the world just by scrolling the news feed.. also, this happens to be the most accessible platform to judge people. Giving out judgement or framing an opinion on someone, on the basis of his/her appearance or surroundings has become a part of our mundane lifestyle!

Yoga v/s Exercise..

We all thrive in keeping our health at its best. All of us want to be physically and mentally fit, which has led to innovation of varied physical activities. Nowadays everyone is majorly health conscious and just want to be in their perfect abs and in toned figure. So for maintaining the abs and the sexy slim figure people dive into the sea of fitness centers, which offers to obtain the dream body you always wished for, with the help of exercise or yoga or some even advises to follow certain diets. But due to these different options, we fall in a muddle, whether to opt exercising or gym..

“UNTITLED” – Chapter 5 -Never ending Dreams..

...Gazing at the clock every now and then from last 2 hours, however it did not aided to subside my level of anxiety, which was constant in me since I entered the gate of one of the renowned Fashion brand, “House of Amberigin”. The interiors of the office seemed alike luxurious holiday resort, with beautiful canvases of art hung on walls and silhouettes wrapped around the figurines with textures and colours so vibrant and mollifying, I was awestruck, for a second my mind stopped thinking and ignored the fact that I am not here for a vacation!! I was waiting for an

5 Points to Practice “GRATITUDE”

  Last weekend was oh so awesome!!!! For the reason, we were fortunate enough to meet our squad after so long, whom we both adore a lot. We pondered all the beautiful moments we had lived in past years with each other. It was just so comforting. Since we met after ages, we were curious and engrossed knowing about each other’s current life scenarios and relationship status. While we all were savoring our evening to the fullest with some mock tails and delicious Mexican food, we noticed a happy family playing and cheering outside the restaurant through the glass panel adjacent to our table. We looked closer and we were traumatized to see one of the child appearing something dissimilar......