Trendy outfit separates to try this Autumn season!!

Hey ladies!!! have y’all checked out our blog on In Vogue - Glimpse of season's collection, if not, then please check it out, we have listed the most trendiest colours, prints and silhouettes from the Autumn/winter collection 18-19, and since the autumn season is here, keeping in mind the trends for this gorgeous season we … Continue reading Trendy outfit separates to try this Autumn season!!

How to choose Necklines according to Facial shape?

Whether you choose to cover up with a boat neck or sizzle in strapless, necklines have much to do with your outfits.The right fashion can call attention to your best features and covers up the worst. While selecting fabric for particular garment we always keep in mind the figure and select the fabric as well as pattern as per the shape of the body(more details ).Patterns should be selected to flatter the figure. A tall person needs style to help him look shorter and should wear clothes which draws attetion across the body. Similarly necklines of the garments emphasizes the shape of the face. We talk about body shape a lot when it comes to flattering styles and the clothes that make you feel great, but what about your face shape? Did you know that your face shape also links back to the clothes you wear and how they accentuate or camouflage certain features?  

“Khadi”…a source to build sustainable fashion!!!

The image of Mahatma Gandhi at the charkha is one of universal appeal. It was through this the entire nation came together under the banner of Satyagraha. Spinning one's own yarn, weaving one's own cloth and making one's own clothes not only made the market for British mill made cotton faced a major setback but also brought the masses together from all corners of the country. As the nation prepares for 148th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation, we swanksters decided to celebrate 2nd October distinctly by remembering Gandhiji with his invincible contribution to the fashion industry by introducing Khaddar(khadi) and starting the movement which revolutionized the entire nation.

Glimpse of “London Fashion Week”!

Fashion’s more is more philosophy isn’t taking a back seat given some of the breathtaking looks at London Fashion Week. The recently concluded London Fashion Week was special for many reasons, it was home coming for Posh who showcased in London after many years and also has she completed a decade in Fashion and the designer Riccardo debuted at Burberry.

Step-by-step Tutorial illustrating a sequined cocktail dress!!!

Yeah…we are up with this so easy beezy step-by-step tutorial for this stunning green sequined dress. I know it looks quite challenging for beginners, but not to worry, just follow this simple steps with patience, coz masterpiece are created with hell lot of patience and you will definitely come out with much better illustration then … Continue reading Step-by-step Tutorial illustrating a sequined cocktail dress!!!

7 Basic & essential pieces to consider for CAPSULE CLOSET!!

Does your closet disappoint you every time you look for something unusual to wear?? Do you feel you don’t have enough clothes?? Is your closet flowing with attires which are useless??... and certainly the answer is do i know?? coz these questions haunt me as well. You know even when I surf my wardrobe … Continue reading 7 Basic & essential pieces to consider for CAPSULE CLOSET!!

In Vogue – Glimpse of season’s collection!

No matter how much we are into inventing new sartorial fashion, but we can’t overlook the impact of fashion back in 80’s had on us. Vogue this season has popped out some amazing 80’s fashion which came into life with musical hits from disco nights, hip hop to country music. Till today we can’t get … Continue reading In Vogue – Glimpse of season’s collection!

How to derive your “SIMPLE” style in an “unique” way?????

We have felt ourself grow nervous and hesitant to step outside of the rigid construction of how we are suppose to dress in order to satisfy societys trends. We live in a world where a pressure exists to look exactly as everyone else and to always be trendy and in fashion. This lack of individualism in today’s culture has left many unsatisfied and creatively curbed.      It is difficult to remember what you truly like when your mind has been trained to follow the fashion rules dictated by commercial outlets. It's important to find what speaks to you, to know what comforts you, what makes you happy. We are here to tell you that you shouldn't allow this negativity to creep inside you and be open to derive your own style and carry it with grace.