“Its better late then never”…pursue your dream career in simple steps!!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!” – Walt Disney

I never loved academics… but during my schooling days, i used to be constantly between the top 10 rankers in my class. The sole reason was, that my parents disciplined me to study. Frankly speaking, i liked the way all the rankers were felicitated by teachers and principal after the results were out. I studied hard, till i was in primary, in high school my interest in academics sunk. I was each time uninterested whenever i opened my text books, this eventually effected my rankings and i was counted as an average student, a demotion you might say! somehow after completing my high school, my parents and of course my relatives were so ardent for me becoming a doctor, but i chose an easy subject for my further studies, just because doctors need to study a lott!! :D.. yeah that was seriously my genuine reason to switch to other subject!

Adolescents’ now a days are so precise and zealous about their future prospects, that they start working on what they love at a very young age. Since it wasn’t just like today back then, i went with the flow, finished my higher studies, and started working for an MNC. But still, something was not right, yes i was paid well n good, but my mind was craving for something else.. 


Throughout my journey of schooling, higher education and then job, i considered myself as an aimless person, for the reason that my other friends were doing well n good in their respective fields, they never felt like leaving their respective job and pursue a career altogether different from the current one. But i did felt an urge to do so, take this extreme step and follow my intuition. 

It wasn’t easy guys, it is not easy now as well, even though my income is less as compared to my previous job earnings, but i am doing what i love and that makes me happy and helps me to get going to pursue my dream career..

Was it somewhere relatable to you?? Then my friend you are on the right article…

Follow these simple steps if you really want to pursue your passion, no matter what stage of your life you are in..


>Find your niche;

Since i wanted to do something in the field of art, it was quite a problematic task to find exactly what i want to do. Art is a very wide stream, very.. very… wide! It took months of research in this field to find my niche. So, please start researching before you plan to do something you want to. Don’t hurry, give yourself time, start googling, checkout YouTube videos about your topic, checkout the career options, what kind of job you will be doing, will it be exactly what you love to do.. and all sorts of questions.. Make sure you answer them all!! you will absolutely find your niche.


>Plan your things right;

Don’t just start pursuing your passion in a hap hazard manner, plan things appropriately before executing. It will help you a lot.. A LOTTT!! You will certainly need patience for this. If you want to do it big, you have to be patient. Create a bullet journal, write all your queries, search for answers, make list of things you will require, check if you have sufficient amount of money to fulfill all your requirements. When you are done with almost 80% of your planning.. you are good to go!!


>Small steps to success;

You have to patient, like i said it earlier, start learning step by step. In my case i started with watching YouTube videos from beginner level and practiced on it. YouTube is a boon for learners. I also read articles about my subject and inspiring stories, this motivates me enormously. If you are passionate about something, that is enough to motivate you throughout your journey.


>Have a talk;

At that stage of your life it would be very difficult to find people who would inspire you to follow your dream, but there would be some one of that sort who would make efforts to provoke you in a positive way, coz that person might have witnessed your will and passion to do the thing you love. it’s kind of a chat therapy. A morale booster..much required!!


>Keep your goals clear;

Don’t know how to achieve your goals?? But you want to achieve it. without any specific idea in your mind, that how it’s going to work out..!! Don’t worry… just keep working on your passion and automatically everything will fall into place. keep going.. please don’t give up.. PUHLEESEE.. even i encounter this phase in my life many times and then i question myself, Why did i started back then?? and a picture of me living my dream is in front of me and voila!!!.. i continue to be happy and feel loved in my zeal.

This steps are just a small start to achieve your dream. Never isolate your passion just because you feel that its too late..!! do what you feel is right, and follow your INTUTION!!!

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot


we hope this article would motivate you to start working on your passion…stay tuned for some more motivation..until then..love ya!!!

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