Tips to DEPOLLUTE the lungs after Diwali…..

Before diwali when supreme court laid strict rules against bursting crackers for sure many cracker lovers have been disappointed. Many amongst us didn’t follow this rule and as a result we have polluted air to breathe. According to System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research, the air quality rate on Wednesday and Thursday night in Mumbai was too bad but as compared to past two years the rate was good to observe. As compared to other Metro cities, Mumbai witness less pollution this diwali. But this rate is still not what we are stirving for, there are miles to go to get the pollution free air, we hope our generation plays pivotol role in decreasing it.

     We are sure you all have had those mouth licking sweets and chatpata this diwali and as a result  you all have invited bloated stomach, acidity, dizziness and so on. Similarly, the smoke of crackers would have polluted not only our surroundings but our internal system too, our lungs, respiratory system. We all are aware about the pollution caused by these crackers outside, in nature but not inside our body. The effect which they have on mother nature, the similar is on our body. Proper cleasing of our internal system is must needed after diwali, specially in polluted cities.
We are here with certain things to follow after diwali for cleansing your lungs.
First and the foremost avoid going outside without masks. Keep in notice there is proper ventilation in your house or office or wherever you spend maximum of your time. Avoid much use of air condition and use more of fans as they will ciculate more air into the room.
After getting up have lukewarm water with lemon juice and a pinch of chilli powder mixed well in it. The chilli powder will help in deforming the mucus which has been created in the glands due to pollution and hence clearing the system. This tip is also veryhelpful for Aasthama and Sinus.
This is the most essential and beneficial step while cleansing your lungs. Boil the water to its fullest and add nilgiri oil or Mint oil in to it and take deep steam and allow it to enter your lungs. The entire passage, from nose to lungs will get clear through this.
When you have to clean the lungs  this special tea will work marvels. Boil two glasses of water in a pan add 2 inches of crushed ginger, 3 to 4 crushed tulsi leaves,one spoon oregano,3pieces of black pepper, elaichi, and you can even add more of herbs. For some sweet taste add little jaggery, no sugar and allow it to boil. Drink ths twice a day or litre for day. All the mucus which has been set inside the lungs will melt down.
Generally it is inappropriate to do breathing exercise in polluted air and that to after diwali it is just not good. But it is necessary to out all the carbon dioxide which has been infused into the body. For doing so, shut your mouth and take deep breathe from your nose, then blow the air out from mouth as you blow the balloon. Kapalbharti is also beneficial for taking out all the carbondioxide inside the lungs. Once the carbon dioxide has been reduces from the body automatically oxygen level will increase and you will feel free to breathe.
Hope you’ll have enjoyed Diwali to its fullest and now time to get back to healthy living…
 share your comments……and stay tuned……love ya!!!!!

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