Lets Celebrate 2018 DIWALI Differently…..

So fianlly the most awaited festival of the year is here, DIWALI is here………

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year. 



 Candlelights, earthen lamps, homes filled with a sweet smell of delightful sweets, the warmth of families & friends, and the chill of the upcoming winter season, that’s how we’d like to paint a perfect picture of Diwali celebration . Diwali—the “festival of lights” is the biggest festival in India, Commemorating the victory of good over evil, it is also an opportunity for people to move on, let go of past grudges, and make merry.  

We are all done with cleaning the house, buying new clothes, jewellery, decorating our home and making mouth watering snacks and by the time you would be reading this article all must be ready with the diwali outfits, the matching accessories, the heels and so on and welcoming the Diwali with all the joy and happiness.

Happy Diwali Gif Animated

Before the arrival of Diwali many paint their house, buy new furniture, some buy new car and some even buy new house, the point is everyone changes their enivornment as per the weight of their pocket. We all change our surroundings but do we give a thought of changing our own self? Agreed we all are best in our own way but have we tried to make better version of self? The moment someone thinks he/she knows everything, is the moment his/her  progress is halted. So whenever you notice something bad in your behaviour then instead of hidding it behind your attitude accept it and try to change it to better.
This Diwali we swanksters have decided not only to change the surroundings but change our OWN  self to better…….We wish all those who are reading this article to just change any one bad habit and and lead your life to betterment. 
And yes we also urge for celebrating Green Diwali, let us all minimize the pollution by not bursting the crackers as it not only effects the air we breathe but the sound of crackers also harm the animals. So go Green and spread the LOVE and JOY.
Come lets celebrate this  festival with new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

                                        HAPPY DIWALI……….JUST SHINE……….



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