Tips for Unfashionable

I am sure you all have stalk  that one  woman around you, who is just sexy and with perfect sense of fashion.. How they dressed, how they accessorized, even how they arranged their various body part at particular period of time, just classy. They have different outlook for every function and they even get along with all sorts of fashion and rock their personality. And then there are many women there whose first chore in the morning is to decide what to wear for the day and after having a look at the wardrobe all they do is wear same monotonus clothes. Follow these tips to be bit fashionable in whatever you wear and believe us, its all in trying new things, even we swanksters keep on trying and pairing various outfits and keep on experimenting with fashion. Even if you’re just a work at home mommy or the only time you leave the house on weekdays is to drop your kids off at school and pick them up, you might get a nice boost from tweaking your wardrobe a bit. 


 Trust me, it’s hard to throw your sweats aside for a pair of leggings, but it’s all worth    it. Rather than grabbing your favorite large shirt to throw on with them, try out       something new. Grab yourself a comfortable flannel and some boots,or even a cute   cardigan to spice up the leggings. Its the perfect way to stay comfortable while   looking good.  
 We all have that one color we always turn to, whether it’s our favorite color or   something we know suits our looks. However, experiment a bit. Throw the black shit   back in your closet and pull out a vibrant red. Switch your favorite blue out for a light   pink. Whatever it is, try out colors you wouldn’t normally wear and see how you feel   throughout the day. Adding variety to your fashion choice makes a statement.
Accessorizing clothes can take your game to the next level. Make use of scarf as belt, boots beneath short skirts and pair german silver jewellery with round neck tshirts and make statement with side bags and clutches. more details available in our previous post on how to accessorize.
Your friend might see fresh new combinations using what you already have, or might have ideas for pieces you could pick up to stretch your wardrobe further.Grab some friends and head to the mall! They may have a much different taste then you, but perhaps they’ll find something that you would typically ignore and ends up becoming your favorite shirt. Listen to their advice and even try on that horrible dress your friend pulls out. It doesn’t mean you have to buy it, just use it to help decide what looks good on you and what doesn’t.  
Take a few minutes and think about what your best feature is….. and then try to flaut it. If your torso is slender, and chest is decent enough,look for slim-fitting shirts with an interesting neckline to play that up, if you have decent hips go for pencil skirts. What you wear has a language of it’s own. It tells people what your personality is like. Embrace this and show the world who you are through your clothes. If you want to experiment but know those heels are definitely not something you would ever wear, don’t even try it.
tenor (1)
Practice this tips and comment about your experiences…….. till den love ya!!!!!!!!!!!
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