“9” things to learn from SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE!

What is being successful like ??? is it the luck factor?? Or the genetics?? Like most of the common people think about them. We had personally read inspirational stories or biographies of successful people. And many of the time we always found some or the other common factor or common personality traits amongst these success oriented people. Success can be anything according to the perspective of a particular individual. If that person aims for something and accomplishes it with endurance and hard work then that’s triumph.

successful people to name a few, such as Roger Federer, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Leonel Messi, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and many more possess distinguished level of fame, money and success that every individual strive for but the lucky one gets to win. Are these really the lucky one’s?? There are many factors that count to become successful other than luck and genetics. And each successful person possess the traits similar to the other.


What are those influences?? What is so meticulous about these people, that can be borne by other individuals, so they can follow the path towards success?? There are n number of things or habits to learn from them, that are so basic and universal and yet we avoid or find it difficult to cultivate those influences or just lack will power or positivity in you to learn and be successful like them!!

After reading this article you will find all the positivity in and out of you.. may be you may learn something or may be you may turn into one of them. We swanksters today are up with some motivational dose for you. Hang in there..and list down these basics in your day to day life from today it self;

Finding a way out!

If you are hit by failure, you don’t have to sit back and blubber about it or stop trying further, you just have to carve a way out and give your hard work another chance. That’s what successful people do. And they are equally patient and persistent in achieving in what they want to. while struggling to support her daughter, J.K. Rowling worked on her first book in the “Harry Potter” The idea for the book reportedly occurred to her while she was traveling on a train from Manchester to London in 1990. After numerous rejections, she had the confidence on her abilities to write the book and then it became the most sold series in the world.


Me time!

As warren buffet says, “Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.”

Bill Gates the richest and most successful entrepreneur in the world is famous for taking “Think Weeks” during the most volatile and stressful times of his company where he goes to a secluded cabin in the woods and does nothing but sleep, relax, read, and think for 7–10 days straight. Here Solitude plays an important role. Solitude is to be crucially considered while you are on your path to achieve your goals. When you are with yourself you tend to think about your visions. You never know, you might come up with something brilliant idea for your project or job or whatever you are aiming for!!!

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Write down your goals!

“D” most important part of the day of every successful person. They journalize, writing down their goals, be it for today or for life is kind of training their mind to do a particular thing or to achieve a particular goal. They have a clear picture on how the future has to be. They make sure they do their task with effectiveness, so that you don’t waste time in redoing it. When you ask successful people about how they started, most will say that they envisioned themselves having success before they actually did. To follow this routine, keep a dairy or a journal for you..make a to do list every morning for tasks to be completed that day and other for a certain period of time. Make sure you achieve your goals one by one as you have set the time period for every particular goal. Also, at the end of the day note down the problems you faced and come up with new idea to accomplish it the next day. 

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Risk taking attitude!

They are the risk takers and money makers. Risking something or other for achieving what you want is a necessity for being successful. risk taking attitude Is the most common trait you will find among all successful people. A person who won’t try, will never succeed. Bringing yourself out of your comfort zone and keeping something at stake is a first step towards success. You know what is your goal, but you don’t know how to achieve it?? you don’t need to worry about that, when your vision is clear your mission will inevitably make way towards it.


Read, learn & understand!

It is said that Fortune 500 CEOs read an average of 60+ Books a year, in comparison to the 1–4 Books that the average person reads per year. Reading, learning and understanding, will only and only increase your knowledge and confidence to speak about a particular subject. READ. READ A LOT. And when you think you’ve read a lot, READ MORE. Reading allows you to be more creative, better compartmentalize time, and sparks curiosity around all subject matters in your life. It not only improves your understanding of the world and how things work, but it acts as a great starting point to build personal brand equity in conversations of all sorts. Reading books is just one way to consume content and learn. Start with something that interests you, read an average of 5-10 pages a day, set a daily target, once you are used to it, it will be a part of your daily routine. Don’t just stick to your favorite subject, try to broaden your horizons by reading books on different subject s as well, this will only add to your knowledge.

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Obsession for hard work!

The collective and truly real trait of a personality of a successful person. If you aren’t passionate and hard working in what you do you won’t be successful, it is as simple as that. Successful people are passionate about their work, they have the ability to step back and look at their work with a critical eye and to accept their mistakes. If it’s a disaster, they’ll admit it, because they realize that it’s better to try something different than to put out something unviable with their name on it. Just like Walt Disney started delivering papers at the age of 11. He worked very hard and became a self-thought artist, who lost his job as a cartoonist. Unable to find work, he founded the Disney Bros. Studio, worked hard and built on his vision. And who is not a fan of disney movies???

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Be naïve, Be humble!

Always be naïve and learn from others, you never know you might learn something new from amateurs as well. Successful people are never pride enriched, they actually are always eager to learn from others, may be from their employees or co workers , they never underestimate the power of knowledge one might possess. if you have ever met a person who is down to earth, then he is actually a successful person. These people have a humble attitude towards other, they are thankful and grateful in what they have achieved. These people have gone through the critical phases of their lives, hence they value and treasure what they have achieved and help others achieve the same. successful people know they wouldn’t be where they are without the people who came before them and those they’ve worked with along the way. They know that they didn’t achieve their success all on their own and hence they are incredibly grounded and humble when you meet them in person.


Prioritizing tasks!

Successful people are totally organized, they plan and prioritize their tasks according to their importance. They manage according to the purpose, values, roles, and priorities. What are “first things?” First things are those things you, personally, find of most worth. If you put first things first, you are organizing and managing time and events according to the personal priorities you establish. Imagine tomorrow is your important presentation which will earn you million dollar contract and rather than preparing for it you are busy watching a football match, is it gonna work?? will you get that contract?? NOO.. coz prioritizing makes sense. you just need to figure out the first things in your life.


Staying fit and active!

Sound mind derives with sound body, this is the mantra for people who are successful. No matter how packed their schedules are, they always have time to exercise, meditate and relax, coz this is a necessity, as it will help your mind to think creatively. It isn’t money that makes almost all celebrities either lose weight or keep their weight, they still have to invest time and effort into staying fit and active! Most successful people invest at least an hour a day into physical exercise. They look at their weight, exercise and train every day to stay in the shape they are in. Coz staying fit and active will gradually affect their work.


These are the simplest things anyone can learn from a successful person and be one. everyone of you might be familiar with these terms even we are, we cannot incorporate these values at a time in our routines, but we can surely start to invest in them, it will certainly fetch positive returns in long term.

Hey peeps, we hope you like your article, leave a comment in addition to this.. stay tuned for more motivation..until then.. love yaa!!

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