Step-by-step Tutorial illustrating a sequined cocktail dress!!!

Yeah…we are up with this so easy beezy step-by-step tutorial for this stunning green sequined dress. I know it looks quite challenging for beginners, but not to worry, just follow this simple steps with patience, coz masterpiece are created with hell lot of patience and you will definitely come out with much better illustration then what I did!

So let’s get started;

  • Draw a basic shape of your dress, here I have opted for cocktail ball gown.


  • Choose any colour of your choice, here I have used poster green and light green from camel poster colours, which is easily available in the market, make sure that the colour you chose have lighter and darker shades available with you.
  • Take a brush (here I have used Taklon brush no. 6) and start with darker shade and spot with the tip of your brush at the edges of the dress, or where you feel shadow will fall. This I have started with basic further we will focus on more grey areas. Make sure you do this process slowly covering all the edges properly.


  • Now fill the area left with lighter shade same like I did for darker one. Don’t just paint haphazardly use the above technique to get that sequined effect.


  • Let it dry and Repeat the above process 2 or 3 times, focusing on the folds of the dress. Here I followed this process twice.


  • Done? Now let’s add magic..with black poster colour cover all the edges and the darker areas with similar brush technique.


  • Again add another layer with dark and light shades with same technique, but don’t overdo it, make sure the colour you are applying now is lighter than the previous layer applied (mix with more water)


  • The last step, with white colour using another brush (Here I have used Taklon brush no. 0) spot all over the dress with same technique as shown in the picture.


  • And voila!! Your beautiful sequined dress is thru!! ain’t it gorgeous??. so start illustrating today and you will gradually get hands on with it. Make sure to be patient throughout the illustration process.

Try this with various silhouettes and do share your pictures following this tutorial.

Leave a comment if you liked the article and if you find this helpful..stay tuned and learn to illustrate with us, with more such illustration tutorials..until then love ya!!

Link for the stationary i used is given below..

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