7 Basic & essential pieces to consider for CAPSULE CLOSET!!

Does your closet disappoint you every time you look for something unusual to wear?? Do you feel you don’t have enough clothes?? Is your closet flowing with attires which are useless??… and certainly the answer is yes..how do i know?? coz these questions haunt me as well.

You know even when I surf my wardrobe while searching for an outfit for an occasion or outing or a casual meet up with friends. I notice that my wardrobe is stacked up with so many unnecessary outfits, which I hardly wear. That made me realize that whenever I am on a shopping spree in store or online I end up buying those garments which I won’t be wearing at multiple events.

Many of you must be going through this same dilemma of mine. “I have nothing to wear”

We usually tend to buy clothes at the very last moment of an occasion or event and end up buying what will suit the event the best. So I thought of curating a small list as a capsule closet, keeping in mind the need of an outfit on different occasion & different season.

what is capsule closet??

It’s kind of switching to basics and balancing your closet with minimal but some essential, plain & versatile pieces. It can be as simple as a subtle cardigan with neutral hues which will last longer in your closet then other most exciting clothes you own. Basically you have to build your closet with garment pieces which can be worn during any season of the year.

Start investing in basic separates which can be perfectly paired or layered with your other statement dresses lying lonely in your closet that you are dying to wear but could not, just coz your Instagram is bursting with pictures of you wearing them. Also, outfits which can be turned from casual to party wear just by adding a bling of jewelry are a boon for every woman.

With such pieces in your closet you won’t be worrying anymore about “what to wear”, which will eventually save your time and money. Doesn’t it sound great???

Make sure you don’t bump into these pieces at the same time, try buying them one at a time keeping in mind some specific features of that particular garment such as hues, style, basic silhouette that will suit your body structure and can be universally paired with your other attires.

If you want to be more precise while buying them and don’t want to waste your money on random stuffs then basic thing you can do is list out the outfits you possess currently and visualize which separate or layer will make that outfit look different and classy in many ways.

In same way I tried to figure out the pieces which my closet desperately needs, which are useful and will have longer life. Here is the list of my capsule closet:

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1. LBD

An LBD which will look classy with heels and can be turned into casual with a pair of flats.


2. Cardigan

This particular garment can be worn at any time of the year. A layer of simple and classy neutral cardigan long or short as per your preference will bring out a different look to your outfit.

3. Black Tee

A simple black tee can be paired with a jeans or a straight fit trouser or a skirt or can be layered with a blazer or a denim jacket.


4. Over-sized Jacket

No matter how boring your outfit is, an over-sized jacket just adds to the oomph factor of your overall attire.

lulus-lucky-break-olive-oversized-jacket-olive-womens-jackets-239074-2448-600x600_0 15011542130209768884_thumbnail_600x

5. Straight loose pants

These are pair of rescuer in your closet, can be paired with a tee or a blouse or a shirt, and you won’t feel uncomfortable in summers wearing these.


6. chunky bling

A chunky ring or a neck-piece adds glamour to your look, carry these in your bags and turn your day outfit into glam party wear just by adding these.

bdd992d5827ad534976002b52b850900 il_570xN.1000890298_ik4h

7. Blazer/ denim jacket/ trench coats

These pieces are extremely versatile and classy in its own way. Pairing them with simple or glam outfits will only add sophistication and chicness.

I hope you liked the idea of capsule closet and the pieces which i had listed to build it. And you won’t be out of clothes to wear & never be haunted with those silly questions ever again.

Just in case if i’m missing something most necessary garment, please mention in the comment section..stay tuned for more such fashion hacks..until then love ya!!!


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