Make your outfit love your body!!!

We know how intensely we want our attires to love our body and sing to us… “I’m in love with the shape of you”!!

Do you constantly ramble around the clothing sections of every mall wondering which silhouette or print will fit you best that will embrace your body no matter what your body type is??. or baffle your designer to get that perfect fit?? Yes we all face this situation whenever we are up to choose our second skin. And end up to disappointments when those apparels are not even close to 1% of our imagination.

The two main thing that influences any silhouette is fashion and body type. The ongoing trend and whether it will suit your body type or not is the most important thing. Always follow the fashion which suits your body silhouette. Fashion is constantly changing but the basic principles to construct a particular garment remains the same. There are many things to be considered when you have to buy or give your designer the outfit to make it suit your body structure. Before the actual garment is made, the fabric selection, the rhythm of the design on the fabric, the pattern you want to opt for everything has to be considered. Careful planning will provide with the interchanges which will make your design more interesting.

The women with the slender and slimmer figure can welcome all types of fashion, whereas women with bulky body has few choices. But that’s not the end of it, we nowadays even have plus size shops specially dedicated to the bulky women so that they can wear what they dream of. But that isn’t enough as it seems so.

Since there are hell lot of body shapes around the world which are not manageable by every attire we choose to fit in. Hence, we swanksters are adding flavor to it by sharing our views on what to wear and how to choose fabric as per your body type; here we go!!!



light to medium weight fabric with some texture on surface. Soft round lines to avoid angular look, seaming across the figure and soft drapes.


light to medium weight firm fabric. Tailored lines to give smooth  effect and panel seams.


light to medium weight firm fabric. Soft flowing lines, Vertical lines not too full to over power the figure.


Soft fabric and small patterned fabrics. Vertical lines or tailored lines to give height and take away plumpness.


light to medium weight fabric  with matt surfaced. Gathers falling softly from yoke line, upward curved lines or darts to give length to the bust.


Soft light and medium weight fabric with horizontal lines. Softly gathered bodice or cowl neck preferable.


Good draping quality fabric and smooth, light weight. A line to flare slightly over the hips.


Avoid rough textures and bulky fabrics. V neck and open collars add length, avoid high, round neck lines.


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The above chart will give guidance in selecting correctly as per your shape. So with this table make the most beautiful garments with the best fabric for your body type. And don’t forget to love your body whatever the type it is, for the reason that it will bring out the confidence regardless the style you wrap it in!!

Leave a comment if you found this helpful or to add on some more points…stay tuned for more fashion tips..until den love ya!!!

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