How to derive your “SIMPLE” style in an “unique” way?????

We have felt oneself grow nervous and hesitant to step outside of the rigid construction of how we are suppose to dress in order to satisfy society’s trends. We live in a world where a pressure exists to look exactly as everyone else and to always be trendy and in fashion. This lack of individualism in today’s culture has left many unsatisfied and creatively curbed.

It is difficult to remember what you truly like when your mind has been trained to follow the fashion rules dictated by commercial outlets. It’s important to find what speaks to you, to know what comforts you, what makes you happy. We are here to tell you that you shouldn’t allow this negativity to creep inside you and be open to derive your own style and carry it with grace. The task of being well dressed  demands patience and observation.

Here are several points to bear in mind while building that more fashionble YOU…..!

 Your personal style is always intimate. We believe that personal style is core of what       you are. Have patience and derive what you are, what you like, how you want yourself   to be seen and approached. Staying firmly who you are indicates instead of being arty,   sporty, dramatic, way out or casual just be what you like, rather than following or   copying others. Your image should be Evolutionary not Revolutionary.
Fashion should suit your daily activites and not the ones for which you wish to wear the clothes. The perfectly turned out woman is harmonious to herself and her role. Consider your role- be it a businesswoman or a housewife, be a mother or a career girl. Decide where you go, where you spend your whole day, how often and plan accordingly.
Always explore whats new in that particular season  but don’t just jump to it because it is new.  Discover and use new fashion before it reaches peak of its popularity. Experiment with fashion to create a desired image of yourself, but always deal with the realities of your face, figure and above two points. Always remember, change is not something to resist, it is spice that adds excitement and zest to your wardrobe as well as to the life.
This includes top to toe impact. Don’t overlook shoes, handbags or any accessories. Examine the total impression, known as LOOK. For example, you may be in your perfect OOTD but if you are still wearing a hair plait with those ribbons to secure them , you are way off balance. Overall fashion is a balanced look and each item must be considered independently as part of a complete image.
In building your wardrobe always aim at quality rather than quantity. Quantitative clothes will not make you well dressed. You are judged by what you are wearing at that time, not by what you have at your home in your wardrobe. Whether buying garments or sewing them, select quality rather fabric.
Allow your spirits to shine and see how confident you will feel in yourself. The hunch shoulders would be way far talks and your eyes would be as vibrant as you born. So lets begin …..TO DRESS FOR YOUR OWN SELF.
Leave your comments and do let us know how if this helped you…….
Till then stay tuned… ya!!!!

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