Don’t take life “SERIOUSLY”!!

Yeah you heard that right…Hey fellas hope you all are well, since we swanksters are busy working on a project from last couple of weeks, we weren’t able to blog. But here we are with yet another so needed Morning motivation for you all!!


Since we all are so addicted to internet, we can’t stop browsing all day long. And while surfing the net, we both have observed something so crucial, that the top searched article or video or podcast every day on the internet is basically on how to get rich in one day, how to overcome failure, how to live a happy life, etc. For that matter each and every searched article is connected to somewhere or other about living life the way we want to.

This is the world of “Millennial”, where we want everything in a short period of time, we are not ready to hold on, not ready to be fulfilled in what we have, not ready to compromise, we want to live our dreams, be rich and live a luxurious life as early as possible it can be.

This is not a good thing and not a bad one either, we millennial have goals, visions, and we thrive for it on any extent possible. But what about failure?? Are we ready to take that as well?? If we want instant success, then why can’t we accept failure instantly??

Sometimes it smashes us so hard that it feels unbearable and we discontinue working on our dreams, and then ought to believe that we aren’t lucky enough. No, it’s not about luck factor, it’s about being persistent in what you do. we all are part of this generation and we all have experienced the feeling of falling apart during that heinous period of our life. some overcome it, but some don’t.

So, we swanksters thought of motivating you out of these blues with some life hacks..Here we go!!


Nothing lasts;

Let be the worst phase of your life or the happiest one..don’t forget that it won’t last. If at this point of time in your life you are hit by a disaster or failure, then it means you will succeed too, that’s the cycle of actuality. Does being angry or depressed or overthinking about the situation going to help you?? It’s not!! So no matter if you have encountered something worst will fade away steadily.


Time waits for none;

you might have heard this n number or times in your life, rather I would say, since our childhood days, when our teacher taught us that time is precious, value it. It did not matter to us at that moment, but now that thought seems so intense, so meaningful. Instead of overthinking about a particular situation, utilize your time in something productive coz the time you have wasted in overthinking is not going to come back. This will also help you to switch your mind from being anxious and depressed.



Embracing Uncertainty;

Yes we all have faced failure at some point of time. Just enjoy the ups and downs of your journey towards your goals. These uncertainties are worth embracing, coz you won’t value the success you will be beholding after that. It is a part of your journey an out of it are born inspiring stories. Take it as an experience, as a lesson you will be learning on your path ahead.


Prioritize Relationships;

How about a peaceful dinner with your loving family?? It won’t cost a million dollar, but it will give immense heartfelt pleasure to your soul. The relationships around you are the most precious thing you have with you. Even if you are failing to achieve your goals, your dreams, don’t just keep on howling about it, value the people who are working hard with you to achieve them. Studies say that, when a human achieves certain monetary goals, then he start’s looking for relationships and soul comfort, rather than luxury. Humans are designed in a way that their emotional quotient is the highest level of satisfaction which cannot be derived by pay checks.



Think with global perspective;

What if the most awful problem you are facing right now might be an insignificant one for the people around the globe who are facing zillion times most horrible problem than you do?? Is it worth worrying about such an unimportant problem?? Just think that your problem is minute enough to be resolved easily and you are blessed with not having the worst of all. So worry less and work more on solving your problem.

Don’t take life seriously;

We tend to take trivial things too seriously, which are not even worth of our time and energy. But we keep on overthinking the things, the situations, about the future, about the consequences…that we forget we are losing the moments which are to be lived today. Stop taking life seriously, you will find this stupid, but it is the greatest key to smile and overcome the uncertainties. When you won’t take life seriously, you won’t be worrying about the future, you will start living in the present, without giving much emphasis to your future anxiety. This gradually will help to build a positive perception of awful things whenever you encounter them.



Try to switch on to these life hacks and take your problems light heartedly. why to mess with it, when we have only one precious life to live??

Hey guys..hope you like the article…leave comments if you wanna add more to it..stay ya!!

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