Benefits of “Accessorizing” the smarter way!!

No matter how much you deny but, accessories plays a crucial role in turning any look from BASIC to BABE. They are the extra elements of fashion which enhance the look of the garment. They make the look complete and compliments the look of the wearer. Accessories are an excellent focal point. So amp up your style game and invest in some game changing accessories and flaunt the different you.


The fabric which was worn around the neck in winters usually for some warmth is now the trending style statement. Scarves come in various colors, sizes, prints & material. They blend well with the garment if chose accordingly. One can even wear in different styles. Scarves can neutralize harsh clothing color by adding a spot of your most flattering color at the neckline.

How to style?

> Use a contrasting color scarf to highlight your face by draping it around the neck.

> If you are wearing a v opening blouse then emphasize it with some contrast color scarf. This will add style to the normal v blouse.

> Hide your hair at times when they are less presentable with the help of scarf

> To get the slim look wear long narrow scarf vertically and knot it up, it will enhance the slim figure.

> You can also use scarf as a head band while jogging or some active activities.


All time favorite of all the ladies, jewelry is the best accessory one should have. It makes a personal statement with the kind and amount of your wear says a lot about your personality. With women being the girl boss, business scene jewelry has received special attention.

How to use?

> If you want to highlight your face then earrings are the must. Wear some trim earrings to get the sophisticated look.

> Women with heavy busts should wear small neck pieces and should avoid the dangling ones.

> Coordinate your color palette as per your skin tone and the garment you are wearing.

> Heavy figure ladies should concentrate more on hands and faces.

> Wear nose-pins to get some gypsy look.

> Watches are important part of jewelry. Get some classic look by wearing metal strapped watches and for business women leather belt are must.



With years of development in fashion it is said that your personal image reflects the moment you open your bag. Nowadays women lead very busy life so shifting possessions from one bag to another can be cumbersome. So try selecting bags which are appropriate for everyday activities.

How to select right bag?

> Blend your bag color with color of your shoes and the colors you have in your wardrobe.

> Avoid carrying huge purse loaded with useless thing

> For work always select a handbag which gives professional and trimmed look.

> Select bag with shoulder strap so that it is easy and versatile to carry too.

> Go for bags which are double arrangements i.e, a strap or concealed to be carried as a clutch.

> Eliminate the junk by going through the bag once in a while.

> Have some options with the bags for office, party and casual look.



Belts are wonderful and versatile accessory for someone with a hip line that can be emphasized. If you are someone who has narrow waist and hips try some exotic colors and sizes and include large belts with good buckles in your wardrobe.

How to style?

> Wear large belts with jeans than your waist so that they slide on the upper hip instead of giving snugly look.

> Add some style to your plain tunic with contrasting belt

> You are someone who hates carrying dupatta then style your dupatta  by keeping it around the neck and make it secure at your waist with some ethnic or woven belt.

> Also style your nine yards with some twist of belt securing the front portion with belt.

> You can also twist two belts of contrasting color and tie them over a basic blouse or a Kurtis or a tunic.



Footwear follows comfort. A shoe no matter how spectacular style it is but if it doesn’t fit, its worthless. Also choose the type of footwear you are comfortable in.

Rules about buying footwear;

> Avoid wearing heavy shoes. it makes thin legs look toothpicks and exaggerates the bulk of heavy legs.

> Too high heels should be avoided as it catches in carpets. Wear medium size heel which makes you look taller and adds confidence to your style.

> Use some contrasting or bright colors to make your feet a focal point.

> Select the footwear as per the climate. Boots for the cold days, slip ons for the casual day and so on.

> While creating any look let your footwear be as loud as your outfit. Balance the look is the idea.

> Experiment it with different outfits, you might come up with a stunning look.


So Grab on the coolest accessories only from amazon, which suits your style and get that oomph factor on..and don’t forget to experiment!!!

Hope you all find this article useful..leave a comment to add on to the list..stay tuned for more such ya!!

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