7 qualities to learn from a French woman!

Not only me, the whole world is obsessed with French women. No no i’m not talking about the french kiss..but the admirable beauty they possess. The elegance of a french women has taken the whole world by storm. A French woman is so much to learn from. Let be the beauty of sultry french actress Léa Seydoux from midnight in Paris or  that flawless exquisiteness of another french actress Clémence Poésy from harry potter and how could i miss the evergreen Brigitte bardot… aren’t they all gorgeous??? Since i have heard and seen so much about these beauties, out of curiosity i read many articles about a French women, infact I met one on my recent trip to mahableshwar and couldn’t resist to ask the secret of the poisness they adorn.



Living in India, I know how much Indian women are obsessed with make up and hiding their flaws, we are always conscious about the way we look, way we dress and everything relating to our personal appearance and life depends upon societal criticism. Even a pimple is enough to scare us to death!

So, i thought of sharing some qualities which I thought should be borne by every other woman from those French lads!!


French women believe in taking very good care of their skin rather than hiding their flaws with whole lot of make up. Prevention is better than cure is their mantra for that beauty they behold. Moisturizing skin day and night is a go-to tip to get hands on for that wrinkle free, soft, supple and radiant skin, that embellish every french skin. Also, they do not allow themselves to sleep with that make up on.


Smell me good

perfumes and scents are a staple since ages in France. The people in there are never without their rich scents. A french women is known the fragrance and aroma that is scattered within her aura that also leads to a possession of powerful sense of smell. Even if they don’t remember your name they will remember your aroma, they are so strong at it!

Love your hair

you will never see a French woman pressing their hair into those straighteners, they always opt for a natural hair look, they embrace their natural curls. I have to admit French women are not at the top when it comes to hair styles. French women tend to keep their hair natural. so, instead of putting your hair into those heat irons and chemicals to straighten or curl your hair, just let them breathe!


My body is my soul

Do you know why French woman are so in shape, thin & sexy?? Coz they love their body and they treat them right. They eat right and respect their bodies, that doesn’t mean they do not crave for those croissants, they indulge but in limits. Treat your body like a temple, fill in those things that are useful, respect it, embrace it and it will surely turn out into a pleasant sight.

Minimal makeup

A mascara, blush, lip gloss and French women are good to go. Many of French women don’t wear make up at all. They are comfortable in their own skin. Even though they have some flaws they are least bothered to hide them, being confident in your own skin is a very beautiful thought to learn from them. Don’t hide your flaws gurll, show them off, you are beautiful the way you are!!!


Sexy inside out

French women are obsessed with pretty lingerie. Just like perfume or makeup, pretty lingerie makes them feel good, sexy. They tend to buy some beautiful lingerie out in the market and dress up not for anybody but for themselves. They just love to look sexy..who doesn’t want to???

Live life on own terms

Be it going to a bar alone, sipping a glass of wine or heading to a café to read a book, they can be on their own, they love their company. you don’t need always someone to accompany you, mutually agreeing which movie to watch, what to eat and hanging out according to the person accompanying you. While being with yourself you can checkout the movie you want to and eat pizza over pasta, there isn’t any room for compromise!


Aren’t the french lads true example of feminism? isn’t this french connection something to look up to? i’m pretty much inspired by their lifestyle and definitely gonna adapt those..what about you?

Hey guyss..hope you like the article, if you know more about a french women, comment below to add on..stay tuned..love ya!!!

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