“9” most used “Fashion” Terms You Should know!

You must be aware folks that over the years and centuries, we have lived with fashion. The word FASHION connotes the way of living of each one of us, whether young or old or tiny tots. Fashion is what we visualize, it is the inner feeling of every human being to present oneself as per their thinking. We see, we hear & we live fashion. Every human being is aware of appearing as the occasion demands. Fashion is in the mode of living, for instance, in building constructions or otherwise, decorations, apparels, all breathe one word “Fashion”.

Fashion leads the world and it will continue to do so through centuries. Time keeps changing and so also ‘fashion’, and along with fashion changes the words used to address the fashionable approach. By now you all would be aware about the frills in the blouse, the pleats in the skirt or the hem edges at your yoke……but these words are not enough to gear up your report card of FASHION. So we have plucked some terms that you can find all over the catwalks, to help you put your fashion report up next time you watch a show….!!


The most daring of experimentals, innovation of original and unconventional  designs, techniques or ideas. It refers to people who are ahead of time. In  fashion sense, the radical or experimental collection of clothes, the daring to showcase something unconventional is Avant Garde. Designer Alexander  Mcqueen designs has renowned for pushing the boundaries in fashion.
 Fad are always interesting to watch. This is the trend that is quickly accepted,   sometimes quickly obsolete. It is often inclined to be extreme, gimmicky and   not suitable to all kind of personalities. A fad can be the forerunner of fashion   to come, like kaftans which appeared in flattering street length versions, thus   bringing this shape into broader scope. Thus fad is a short lived fashion.
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 Fashion week is the most waited event of fashion industry, where fashion designers,   fashion houses or big brands showcase their latest collection on the runway. It   usually lasts for a week. Fashion week has been the prominent platform for many   designers to showcase their ideas. There are many fashion weeks taking place in   India as well as abroad, the current one is Lakme Fashion Week, in Mumbai which   is talk of the town. Fashion Week are a must watch for all the designers to be, it is   filled with ideas, trends, joy and experiments for life.
 You all would have heard this word on social media, or at the runways, or   from your designer friend. But what is it? Haute Couture, in simple words, is   a  high end designing house. It is a french word where, Haute means high end   and Couture stands for dress making, so it is a high end dress making house.   The garments constructed here are totally hand made, customize with highest   quality of fabric used and are expensive too.  Elie Saab, Christian Dior Givenchy are amongst the Haute Couture designers or Haute couturier.
 In fashion terminology, knock off means a copy design of a higher priced   garment. Knockoffs are a tricky thing in fashion. Some of your favorite designers are   likely to have been victims of copycats and downright design thieves at some point.   Instagram is flooded with such knock off designs of big designers such as   Sabyasachi, selling the exact copy at cheap rates.
 This again is a French word meaning Ready to wear. It is the term for factory made   clothing, sold in finished condition in standardised sizes as distinct from made to   measure or bespoke clothing.  In casual use it is referred to as off the rack or off the   peg collection. The garments sold by high rated brands available to use readily in   standard sizes as nothing but pret-a-porter.
No, we are not talking about the seasons a year witness but the season a fashion  year witnesses. Basically fashion industry has two main seasons, the spring or the  summer and autumn or the winter. The collection which is launched in particular  season has been designed by keeping the requirement of the fabric in that season  and are named as Fall collection or Autumn/winter collection.Spring/summer season starts from january and runs till june and the second half of the year is governed by autumn/winter season.
The basic outline of the garment is known as silhouette. It can emphasize or alter a  body shape to give the desired illusions. Different dress silhouettes are designed to  flatter the different body types as well as meet the dress code for different events. In  fashion, the three basic silhouette forms the basis for all clothing and are considered long run fashion. 
 A producer’s or designer’s complete collection of samples, brought into a store   for a limited time to show customers. The selection from which style numbers   can be ordered in their shape and size and color.  The famous, The Trunk   Show  in Mumbai, brings together an exclusive ensemble of some of the most   edgy and sought after young designers who are care fully handpicked from all   over India, a must visit. 
 Leave your comments below and let us know how this article helped you to brush up   your fashion vocab…… Do comment….. Love ya!!!!!!!!

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