Irritating and Caring at the same time…… “SIBLINGS”

It is a blessing to have a brother.. oops did I say blessing?? He would probably be the most annoying creature on earth!! Let be the younger or elder, he finds divine pleasure to keep bossing around you and nagging you to hell, finding out faults, teasing you with your childish nickname in front of your friends..making you feel embarrassed for the rest of your life, never let you watch your favorite TV channel, fights that are not less than a world war, blackmailing for your secrets.. I think the list will go on..I wish I could get rid of him!!


Inspite of so many complaints, we tend to miss that guy to the core whenever he is not around..

The neutral relationship I share with my brother is a bond full of love and care. The one and only person who is standing tall between me and my problems. Even though he treated me like one of his guy friend, which I hated during my childhood, but now I love to be his BFF. Instead of playing with a doll house, like other girls of my age did, I was playing cricket with my bro, which was way fun and entertaining. He used to always title himself as player 1 and the sole decision maker of whether to play Mario or pac-man, but those cheat codes made me feel like a boss gamer in front of my friends. His shrinked clothes where my new ones, but they were the best comfortable outfits I have worn till date.

No matter how much I brag myself in person, but somewhere deep down i feel, he has always been the pillar of my strength, the person who took my side even if my mom or dad scolded me. I will always look for his traces in my man.

“He is my Ross, I m his monica!!”


Living in India means you are surrounded with so many customs, religions and festivities!! We are the most enthusiast people in the world when it comes to celebrating a festival, those which have meaningful mythological stories behind them. And yes..the most celestial festival I feel is celebrating the bond of siblings.

So now we are in the month of August which brings the most awaited day of the year “RAKSHA BANDHAN”.…..the day to celebrate the eternal bond of brother and sister love.

Can’t resist to share with you all, one of the mythological story which I had read that truly signifies eternal sibling love!

Meera, the soul lover of Lord Krishna and her parental brother Lord Jaymal shared a perfect bond of siblings instead of being first cousins.  Meera and Lord Jaymal together used to fight, talk, eat, dance, play and listen stories from their grandfather. Once Lord Jaymal climbed a tree and then the conversation between Meera and Lord Jaymal has been beautifully described by the great author Mr Desai, in his”Bala jogan” Named novel.

Jaymal!! You climbed the tree , but how could God climb the tree????

Jaymal replied,

First you climb the tree then I will tell you how could God climb…..

when Meera used to try climbing the tree, failing to which Lord Jaymal would tease her, laugh at her,bully her and finally when Meera climbed she bullied him and asked,

what if I  push you and throw you from the tree??

If other sister pushes her brother than you my loving sister please do the same,  Lord Jaymal replied….

And even if you push me down i am sure, the love of my innocent sister like you will always save me…….smiling Lord Jaymal said….

This innocent dialogue between Meera and Lord Jaymal shows the incredible and unconditional love between them


Sometimes, the emphasis of misunderstanding into the relation grows so deep that the bond which was your vigor is now just a mere relation. But the truth is, it makes a difference, somewhere deep down inside it still hurts not being the same irritating and caring siblings as you were before. The affection between brother and sister should grow and blossom, rather than exiting the relationship, sit and sort out, clear out all the misunderstanding so this relation stays beautiful always.

“There may be no relationship..that’s closer, finer, harder, sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy or fraught with woe, than the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters..” – Jeffery Kluger



On this beautiful occasion of celebrating sibling love we have come up with some unique gift ideas which are priceless and you always wished in your childhood your sibling would do for you!!

  • Play a game which your sibling always wished for, but you won’t budge back then.
  • Let her win this time.
  • Make a list of the things you like about your sibling, which was hidden behind the faults you pointed in them.
  • Bring a glass of water for them, without counting old mistakes your sibling did when you asked them for something.
  • Try out their favourite food, which you hated in childhood.

Along with rakhi and blessings, celebrate the love of this most treasured and eternal bond of brother and sisterhood. Forget all the misunderstandings and be the first one to forgive and say “KUCHH MITTHA HO JAAYE“!!!!


Cherish the relation as many of them are not as blessed as you to even have siblings . Happy Rakhi to all..


We hope you all would have liked this article and don”t forget to share your rakhi day celebrations with us……..Leave your comments and HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN TO ALL…….Love ya!!!!!!

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