“UNTITLED” – Chapter 6 – Unexpected..

“Where are you??” Zyan was sounding low…

“I’m stuck in work…I’ll be there in half n hour..” i replied.

“Yes..i’m waiting..” he confirmed.

I disconnected the call and wrapped up all the swatches of fabrics and the dresses which were to be displayed at the show the day after tomorrow.


It’s been my vision to showcase my talent to the world since the day I inhabited the designer in me and this was the first time ever of my life where my designs were to be  platformed in front of one of the top notches of fashion industry. I was happy to the core. Nevertheless I struggled a lot to be here. I was apprehensive and ecstatic at the same time, i had mixed feelings. I felt I was day dreaming. Since i was working on this show from last 2-3 months, i hardly met Zyan. I was unable to give him that much time and attention, perhaps he was unhappy with that. But today I decided to make him feel loved.

With that smiling face, I drived to meet my love..

This is gonna be the best day of my life
My life”

Played the song on radio. Everything was so perfect. My life was never perfect like this earlier. True happiness derives with a happy soul.. I believed.

He was waiting for me in front of the cafe which was a staple coffee shop for our every meet. Seeing him after so long.. I hugged him so hard, that I could feel his heart beat and the warmth of his neck transferring his soul warming energy into me, it was pristine!

Without saying a word he held my hand and entered into the cafe which was surrounded by the lake, as always we occupied our favorite table. I took a deep breath and soaked the cold breezy air in me…slow wind was blowing into my hair. Zyan was quietly gazing at me as if he din’t want to interrupt my moment of serenity. He always stared at me like that, since the day we met and said something with those deep brown eyes, “the most beautiful girl on earth”….i used to feel..but that day it was something dissimilar..

“Meera” with his heavy voice he started the conversation..

“Are you prepared for the show??”

“Yes..” i replied with excitement.

“You know zyan..i waited for this day for so long..and now i could see myself living through it…” I said with that pleasing smile which refused to fade away from my face.

“I know sweetheart… since you were busy working for your big day….i purposely did not discussed this with you..”

I could sense the hollowness in his voice growing vigorously..

“What is it zyan..something bothering you??” I asked out of concern.

“I’m leaving tomorrow for Zealand..i got a job offer..i think this is the best opportunity for me…” Even he had a dream, which i overlooked!

I was shaken..happy and angry at the same time..this was something unexpected.

How could I let him go..my only source of strength and inspiration. What will I do without him??..my thoughts were self-centered.

“Why you wanna go??” I asked..

“I don’t wanna lose this opportunity..” he replied.

“Take me with you please..”, I demanded.. and i certainly dis-remembered for a minute about my big day…i just wanted to be with zyan..

“see meera…I don’t want any burden on me while I am living in a different country..i can’t take you with me” came the reply..

My heart was smashed in a bowl of hell, it was agonizing to take that soreness inside me. I felt an urge to wake up from this evil delusion right away..but it wasn’t a delusion, it was a truth a real time encounter with a heart break.., i don’t want him to notice that how shattered I am…with a smile on my face and sorrow in my heart.. I left…

 “ the pain reflected in this song..ain’t even half of what I am feeling inside..i need you ..need you back in my life..we belong together..”

Played the song.. while driving back home….

“It hurts when you realize..you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were…”


To be continued..

Hey guys..hope you are liking the series of “UNTITLED”..stay tuned..for next chapter…story hasn’t ended yet!!!

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