Home Remedies to cure Hangover….

Whether it be your birth party, your new job party, hangout at newly opened lavish food restaurant or new years eve, the celebration is incomplete without having some shots of your favorite Martini. For many people alcohol is mere way of relaxing oneself. Having your tempted drink once in a while is fine or drinking couple of cocktails for a evening is also good to go but over boarding or over indulgence strikes HANGOVER!!!!!! turning your nights fun into worst nightmare…..

 A hangover can leave you struggling to concentrate, feeling irritable, dehydration, dizziness, fatigue,hardheadedness, loss of appetite, thirst, vertigo, nausea or sweating. Hangover vary from person to person, but usually involves former mentioned symptoms What happens is that you don’t remember anything from the night before, or if you do, you only remember bits and pieces.
         “Shards of glass poking the backs of my eyeballs 
           The desert overtaking my mouth 
           My limbs feel heavy and unresponsive – reluctant to move 
           Unrelenting misery of a headache 
           Stomach so upset it’s angry at me “
Well do not fret, swanksters bring to you some easy and effective home remedies to overcome hangover and save your nights fun…….
  Having alcohol consumes your anti oxidants, so you need to replenish your anti   oxidants levels and so coconut water is a good deal to go for. Coconut water contains   plenty of anti oxidants and electrolytes which boosts up your oxidants level and   therefore helping from hangover.

 How to use:

 Just have the natural water from coconut at least two within some interval of time. It is   cheap, easily available and also light on stomach. Have a glass of coconut water before     bed.
 This is one of the oldest and most known method to prevent hangover. The citric smell   of lemon and plenty of vitamin C helps to replenish the store nutrients in the body. The   more effective way to use lemon is with some sugar and sea salt. The perfect blend of   these hangover dealers does miracles with the body as it provides all the lost   electrolytes and hydrates your system..
 How to use:
 Take equal amounts of lemon, sugar and salt. Add this to a one liter bottle of   water(warm water preferable). Mix all the ingredients in the water and keep sipping on   it for relief. A good way to prevent having a hangover is to drink some of this water   before you go to bed and then start your day with a tall glass of this mixture.
      healthy eating, drinks, diet, detox and people concept - close u
Ginger is a popular spice. It is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As you all know ginger is the best ingredient to cure vomiting or nausea, it plays the perfect role here to tackle some common symptoms of hangover like nausea , dizziness and vomiting.
How to use:
All you need to do is cut a few slices of ginger and add it to a pot of boiling water.  You can also add some honey or sugar for the taste in to water. Now sip on this water while it is still warm for relief from the symptoms of a hangover.
Barley helps out in flushing toxins out of the body. Apart from these the minerals in the seeds helps to pack up your body with all the nutrients which have been sapped while drinking alcohol.
 How to use:
 Take spoonful of barley seeds, easily available in the general stores and add it to about   liter of water. Boil the mixture till the color turns to pinkish hue. Remove from the gas   and fill the mixture in to the bottle by adding some lemon juice to it. Have at least two   liters of water to get rid of the alcohol in your system.

Bananas are full of potassium, sugar, vitamin B6 and magnesium. This nutrients helps relive aches and pain throughout the body and keeps stomach upset at bay and also helps in preventing heartburn. Hence bananas are perfect to kill your hangover.
How to use:
Take two bananas add some honey to it. Grind well, now add some milk and again grind and  make smoothie. Drink this smoothie to prevent some of the symptoms of hangover.
 Water is medicine for probably all the problems. Water is the best remedy for   hangover. Drink as much as water you can to flush out all the toxins out of the body.   Water will not only re hydrate your body but will also not put much strain on your   stomach.
How to use:
 Have a glass of warm water immediately after hangover and kick start your day again   with a glass of warm water. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water in a day.


 Treat yourself with the bowl of oats for the breakfast after hangover night. A bowl of   oats has plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium. Oats   helps in neutralizing acid in the body and raise blood sugar level and hence giving the   boost required.
How to use:
Take two spoon of oats in to the pan. Add some milk and desired fruits chopped evenly  into it and allow it to cook for while. Add some honey. Have this oatmeal for the  breakfast.

As prevention is better than cure…..some tips to avoid hangover
>Hit the dance floor while drinking as it will boost your metabolism
>Avoid sugar 
>Keep on hydrating your self
>Limit your intake
Leave your comments on this article…..and do try these remedies after your happening Saturday night🤣 and let us know!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more such life hacks…..love ya!!!!!

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