“UNTITLED” – Chapter 5 -Never ending Dreams..

…Gazing at the clock every now and then from last 2 hours, however it did not aided to subside my level of anxiety, which was constant in me since I entered the gate of one of the renowned Fashion brand, “House of Amberigin”. The interiors of the office seemed alike luxurious holiday resort, with beautiful canvases of art hung on walls and silhouettes wrapped around the figurines with textures and colours so vibrant and mollifying, I was awestruck, for a second my mind stopped thinking and ignored the fact that I am not here for a vacation!! I was waiting for an interview, looking forward for an internship as a designer in this heaven of fashion.

After slogging for 3 long years in an accounts department of a bank which was paying me huge bucks, but failed to make me feel contented with it. Something in that closed box, lying at the corner of that dark room where no one bothered to look at, wanted to get out of it, it took me so many years to realize that it is dying of suffocation inside, It was my dream to be a Designer. I finally decided to quit my job..i knew it was late, but my intuition followed me wherever I would go!! It kept on digging in me harder and harder day by day. At that point in my life, I valued the phrase, “it’s now or never”.

Are you kidding me?? You are calling off this high paid job just to be a designer??…my boss was frustrated at me, but I wish I could demonstrate to him my life long frustration that was dwelling under me since my college days!!

Yes..i replied.

OK then..good luck..he signed my resignation letter with a sigh of disappointment. I believed that was a signature by the divinity letting me to live my visions.

I left with a sense of happiness. There were zillions of dreams awaiting to breathe.

One year later, I completed my course and started applying for internships, where i encountered many rejections, but finally received one offer for which I was ready to work head over heels and platform my zeal to the world.

May I come in?? I asked to the interviewer.

Sleek, pin straight blonde hair, sophisticatedly dressed with a poised smile on her face. Yes, come in…She replied and offered me to sit.

So Meera..you have work experience in accounting for 3 long years..why this major shift??..she was surprised while going through my resume.

I always had a crave to be a designer, I have a creative instinct in me which i overlooked, but now I want to pursue my dream no matter what…I gave an honest answer.

yes, but what if you won’t turn out to be a good designer??..she tossed another question.

i presented her the file in which i had saved each and every work i thrived on since i found my love for art.

By observing her face expressions I sensed, she was impressed.

While offering a hand shake towards me, she said with her soothing voice, you are hired..let’s start from tomorrow!

My joy knew no bounds, I was flattered to hear those words, it was my first step towards achieving my goals. Better late than never I thought to myself, with a grin.

I immediately ringed Zii, heyyy, I made it!!

Congratulations sweetie.. I knew you would…came the reply.

Zyan and I were more of best friends than lovers, he always encouraged me to live upon my passion. He was the only one and primary person who had witnessed my love for art, he made me realize that I was unheeding the cries of my aspirations which were imprisoned in a sealed box.

That day was the happiest day of my life. I was happy and anxious for the reason I never did what I liked prior to this. I felt a sense of responsibility growing under me to fulfill my passion and live through it all my life. It wasn’t so hard as it seemed so, if you try to take a step in achieving something, gradually some or the other door will open for you. you just have to wait for it patiently, search for the right door, and never ever give up on your dreams, they just need nurturing. At least trying with faith is better then dying with regrets, no matter you fail or win.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of..” – Paulo Coelho.


To be continued…

Hey guys…leave a comment if you are liking our story..wait for the next chapter to see how Meera’s life enfolds twist and turns…stay tuned..love ya..!!

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