5 Points to Practice “GRATITUDE”

“Last weekend was oh so awesome!!!! For the reason, we were fortunate enough to meet our squad after so long, whom we both adore a lot. We pondered all the beautiful moments we had lived in past years with each other. It was just so comforting. Since we met after ages, we were curious and engrossed knowing about each other’s current life scenarios and relationship status. While we all were savoring our evening to the fullest with some mock tails and delicious Mexican food, we noticed a happy family playing and cheering outside the restaurant through the glass panel adjacent to our table. We looked closer and we were traumatized to see one of the child appearing something dissimilar, gradually we realized that he was suffering from a disease called Progeria, a disease in which child appears normal at birth but soon becomes victim of premature ageing. There is no cure for Progeria; the disease is progressive and fatal.

We both were numb at that point of time and at the same time it made us amazed to see a pleasing smile on the face of that child, blessed with loving family. Till the time when we were with our friends and after coming back home we couldn’t get off the smiling picture of that child from our minds. We researched about this disease and were more upset with the thought that it is not curable!


Here was one of the most valued lesson for life learned. We humans always shed tears and screech about our problems, jobs, worst relationships, breakups, never ending quest for money and so on. Even if all the wishes would come true, we always find our vessel of desires vacant and soon we would turn out to be needy and greedy for more. Its human tendency to crave for more and never be satisfied. The reasons behind this unsatisfactory approach towards life varies from person to person.

Soon after witnessing the incident our second thought was to thank god for all the happiness he have showered on us. We even read few articles on gratification, being content in what you have, happiness etc.  And surprisingly had learned a lot from it, which we thought of sharing it with you all. So we had jotted some points which we feel are really easy and practicing them will make a huge difference in your life!


  • Doing what you love!

Since you may have heard this phrase so many times in your life till now. But you can’t deny it, this so called phrase is an essence of true contentment. Seriously, if you are doing something which is making you unhappy or tiring or depressing or aggression is hitting you hard, then come out of it, start following your intuition. It always works. If you are stuck in a frustrating job, then just emerge out of it. You might be thinking that how can I leave my job that is paying me for my daily needs, in that case while doing your job you can start pursuing what you actually love to, and gradually you will realize how content & happy you feel while acting upon it. So, start doing what you love!!

  • Stop blabbering about your problems!


You might come across many people who can’t stop blabbering about their problems they are facing in their respective lives. Even we do this thing, but we criticize it in person or to oneself, rather than making it notified to our acquaintances, but both scenarios are basically the same! To get rid of it, stop thinking about it, ya… we don’t have control on our thoughts, try shifting your focus in doing something productive instead of wasting your time and energy on the thing which you already possess in abundance.

  • Say no to Social influence!


On these social platforms like FB and Instagram, we encounter people who post pictures spending lavishly, living extravagant life, traveling and staying at luxurious hotels, etc. We grow in a society where such people are praised, followed and moreover we force ourselves in achieving those things rather than giving a second thought, that do we actually need it? That doesn’t mean that we should stop working hard, we should work hard, but without losing the essence of simple things in our life. We forget that the most gratified things in life are for free and that is the reason, we do not indulge ourselves in being content and happy.

  • Stop Comparing!

According to Leon Festinger – a notable psychologist, “Human beings have the drive to assess their opinions and to know more about their abilities and when they are incapable of evaluating their opinions and abilities, they tend to compare themselves with others”. Comparing yourself with others is like a coin with two dimensions- the good and the evil. The good comparison leads to progress, growth, dedication, focus, but the evil hits you harder, Comparing yourself in terms of money, looks and praises lowers your self-worth making you feel depressed and unhappy. What others have and you don’t have makes one disheartened, to overcome this, spend alone time more often, nurture your qualities and abilities, befitting yourself to be contended.


  • Take a walk, and count on your blessings!

   “Take time daily to reflect on how much you have. It may not be all that you want but remember someone somewhere is dreaming to have what you have.” 
― Germany kent

We are so indulged in reckoning our problems, worries, listing our longings, that we forget to count our blessings, our true accomplishments. Let be good food, shelter, loving family, friends, etc, all these humble things have a great presence in our lives. We just need to recount them and thank God for all the good things we have on our plate without being asked him to serve, it will actually grow a sense of contentment and happiness in one self. Always show GRATITUDE TOWARDS LIFE.

If you start practicing any one thing from above mentioned points, you will tend to make better choices in life. Try to figure out the basics which makes you happy, that will certainly leave you with genuine and wholly contented with oneself. Setting unrealistic goals will lead to more disappointment if one could not achieve it. Irrespective to this, set real goals and aim in growing yourself to the extent which is necessary for you.We rarely come across a person who can claim to be perfectly content with what he has and has no desire to obtain more or to do better. Help them by sharing these honest practices which are the indications to blissful and fulfilled life!

Below are some inspiring stories on practicing gratitude. Check them out on Amazon.


Leave your comments….if you like the article….stay tuned for more such inspirational hacks…….love ya!!!!!!!!!

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