uuhh….. so let us ask you all the question, how many of you are aware about the beauty benefits of ACV? We bet only few of them. For managing weight loss and few other benefits the ACV has been the talk of the town.
Ladies, but the good news is Apple Cider Vinegar also hosts various benefits in providing your skin the additional glam factor you all need. ACV is the key for  whole new beauty regime. After Practicing it personally from sometime we thought of sharing it to you, to seize all the benefits from it. So don’t just have a sip of it every morning but also allow the orange liquid to supplement your skin.
Below  the BEAUTY benefits of ACV
      ACV has that acid in it which helps in blood flow. By making the blood flow smoothly you can easily brighten up your skin and hence you get toned skin. Even if you super busy to buy the next toner for yourself than dust the ACV bottle lying unused at your racks and make it worth.
How to use:
>Take 1/2 cup of water and add 1 tsp of ACV to it.
>Wash and cleanse your face properly.
>After drying apply this toner with cotton ball or pad gently.
>Don’t wash allow it to dry naturally.
* Instead of water you can even use rose water for better results. Rose water will also reduce the sour smell of ACV.
The worst nightmare for all the gals around the world and nowadays even boys, is to get up with that popped acne at the most visible area of the face. You try all the possibilities to get rid of it but all in vein. Before you lose all your hopes try out ACV. Along with anti inflammatory properties it also has anti bacterial property which helps in fighting against the bacteria which worsen the skin surface.
How to use it:
>Mix one part of ACV to three parts of water.
>Wash and cleanse face properly.
>With cotton balls apply at the affected area.
* For better results do this exercise twice a day.
  We all love those sparkling white teeth but fail to have them. If you want to get rid of those stinky odor of your mouth and wanna brighten up your  teeth ACV is at rescue. Although you won’t get the dazzling white tone of your teeth but it will reduce the stain for sure.
How to use:
 > Gargle with ACV mixed with some water before brushing.
 *Try twice a day for better results.
  If you constantly get those red bumps after getting your hands/legs waxed than do what we do. Apply ACV to settle the bumped area and its anti inflammatory properties would do wonders.
How to use: 
> Wash your hands/legs after being. Shaved
> Deep some cotton balls in ACV and damp it gently all around the bumped area and      let it settle.
*For more benefits apply some honey first let it rest and then apply ACV.
   Vacationing on the beaches is always mesmerizing, but not the sun.  Even after applying tons of sunscreens, the sun is so harsh that it gives you worst memory of the trip — Tanning. Instead of going for those tan removal facials and other not so useful remedies of removing tan, take some chance with ACV. It helps in maintaining pH value of skin and accelerates healing.
How to use:
 >Make a solution of around 4-5 cups of water and 1 cup of ACV.
 >Soak unused towel in the solution and apply on the affected areas.
   ACV along with its anti bacterial , anti inflammatory also comes with anti fungal property, which helps against dandruff from forming. As said in the above points it also helps in maintaining pH value of the skin and thus protecting the scalp from fungal growth.
How to use:
 >Take half glass of water and half glass of ACV.
 >Mix it well.
 >Massage gently into your scalp before shampoo.
 * For worst condition massage thrice a Week and shampoo later.
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  After long tiring day your feet needs some pampering. Use some ACV to enhance beauty of your feet. The smelling feet, fungal or bacterial infection during rains and torn feet can be cured with this magical ACV.
How to use:
>Fill half a bucket with hot water, add a spoon of salt, 2-3 spoon of ACV.
>Mix it well.
>Soak your feet into the solution for around 20-25 mins.
>Rinse with water.
* Twice a month for better results.
Try some of these mentioned benefits by purchasing your bottle of ACV now

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