“UNTITLED” – Chapter 4 – #MeerZya

“Stuck in the dilemma of tallying a balance sheet, wracking my brain so hard that I was on a verge of ripping off all my assignment papers. All of a sudden from nowhere a thought hit me, that I didn’t heard from Zyan from almost a week now, since our last cliché conversation. What went wrong?? May be he didn’t found me appealing, or may be I was too boring for such a fascinating App or may be my gut instinct was right about that digitization thing.

I chucked off the thought from my mind and continued with my dilemma!

While driving home from college it was almost 8 at night, I received a text “Hey Meera”…it was Zyan!!

It’s been almost a month now, endless chats, flirting, sharing each and every thought that popped in our minds and out of the blue I sensed, i was blushing even when i would see his name flashing on my cell phone. Checking out his photos and reading our chats over and over again made me feel pacified.

“When you meet someone for the first time, that’s not the whole book. That’s just the first page..”

– Brody Armstrong

Well ironed, perfectly fit dark brown shirt with folded sleeves and clean blue denim, he was waving from the opposite side of the road, couldn’t get enough of that cute smile, stubble beard and perfectly cut hair. Was it for real?? I questioned the imaginative picture which I was brewing in my mind from last 4 weeks.

We both couldn’t stop blushing at each other’s one-to-one questions and those prompt answers which impeccably fit into my radar of a perfect soul frame.

Gradually I realized, we both were sailing on the same boat, been through countless roller coaster rides in our lives, break ups, depression, sorrow, feeling of not been accepted, true love that failed and most of all, Surviving all this and the fortitude to buck up was the thing that clicked between us.

I assumed that I was daydreaming, how could two people click so instantly?? The thought took some time to sink in.

“What led to began, was just a random feeling of solace

That settled in me and took me to the place

Where my brain was not allowed but my heart was crowned

Might be a myth but my smile was found!!”

This so called happiness around me was making me anxious, but i wanted to feel it more, the level of happiness overpowered the anxiety in me. I forgot that nothing lasts for long!!!

To be continued..

Leave a comment..if you like our series of “UNTITLED”…also, please suggest a name for the story..stay tuned for next chapter..love ya!!

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