Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Black Rose Lace Choker D.I.Y!

Choker is up in fashion game since ages and will never go out of fashion due to its enduring and appealing look.  From plastic, beads, leather, silver, gold, platinum, etc, they can be adorned in a variety of ways, including with sequins, studs, or a pendant. A classy choker is and should be every girl’s go to accessory.

So we tried to experiment and made a Black rose lace choker DIY, which can be paired with a party wear or on a casual outfit and the result was quiet amusing!

We couldn’t resist to share with you the tutorial of the DIY choker, so let’s get started!!

Follow below instructions for Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Black Rose Lace Choker DIY!

  • We will need black lace – 13 inch (as per standard neck size), black satin ribbon – 1 meter, 1 pair press button, black thread, needle and thread cutter.


  • Take 1 meter satin ribbon, it depends on the size of the rose, we took approximately 1 meter. Fold one end in triangle and sew in the middle as shown in the picture.


  • Give another fold and sew it.


  • Now you need to fold the ribbon horizontally and just slightly roll inward the end which we folded in triangle, it will form into a small rose bud.


  • Repeat the process till the desired size of the rose.



  • Take proper measurement of the lace placing it around your neck keeping 1 cm tolerance so that you don’t choke up! Sew the press button on either sides as shown in the picture.


  • Attach the Black Rose on the lace by sewing towards left or right side of the lace as per your choice.



Ta da!! Classy yet Elegant Black Rose Lace choker is ready to grab some attention.

Pair it up with off shoulder LBD or a Spagetti…and be ready to get some praises!!

Leave a comment..if you like the DIY..stay tuned for more such fashion DIY..stay fashionable..love ya!!

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