5 Types of People you need in your Life!

                                             While reminiscing my life journey of 25 years since my birth, I came across many people or souls or individuals who dwelled around me or constantly been a part of me, like my family and those who I connected with, in school, college, work, while socializing, etc. as I grew older, my acquaintances with many of these people ended due to some or the other motives. At that point I realized Life is about surreal relationships, to be more precise life is about having relations that are worthy and helps to nurture one’s character and push us to grow. Great people take lifetime of trial to enter into our closest circle. People are visitors into our lives but some relations are just special then others.

During the spell of college, you won’t apprehend why is it so important to have those key group of individuals, who can build you in every aspects of your life, but as you hit that realization point you would start to look for them to help you out with problems surfacing around you.

I felt of highlighting some people or relations which I feel  are crucial and you should always keep a stock of such attainers on whom you can actually rely during your entire life time.

1. The lenient one!


A person who is perfect compliment of being an unprejudiced friend. He/she is the one who tells you things as they are. They will always give you the truth no matter how hard it is to hear or believe and suggest you to keep your opinion in front. It can often be that you both mirror each other and reflect on the areas you both need to work. You may argue with this person the most because behind the arguments lies the genuine care which cannot be broken.

2. Oh so smart!

images (4)

That key person in your life who is much more elder to you and had foreseen the path you wish to walk on. It can be your mom, the best therapist or a friend or guardian. They are kind of google, answering or advising on all aspects of life be it career, relationship or any other pettiest thing bothering you, which discussing you’re your friends won’t help.They help you coach through your struggles and give the desired directions.

3. You are my type!


No matter how many times you meet that person you won’t resist asking, Where have you been all my life?? It feels a strange sense of familiarity with such people. Be it binging whole day on your favourite food in sweatpants watching Netflix or matching steps on any damn song..yeahh!! your comfort zone!! There may be fights, disputes, misunderstandings but that doesn’t matter enough coz that person is the only source of time killer you have. It can be your friend or sibling or may be your parents too if there’s no ground for awkwardness or being uncomfortable.

4. Full time motivator!


If you are starting with new venture he/she is the person to call up and give you all the motivation and cheering required. He is the one to cheer you up in the tough times and remind you about all the victories you had earlier. A constant cheer leader who motivates you no matter how hard or how beautiful the life is. Keep this Person Always in stock coz you won’t afford to hang up on your unfulfilled dreams.

5. Opposite attracts challenges!


To grow you always need someone to compete with, the one who challenges you irrespective of all the elements. The person opposite in your personality, your behavior, the way you work or the way you think is much much needed to push your self from the comfort zone and to be marvelous.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have all these qualities in one person itself, but those who are not, keep company with these kind of people in your life and appreciate them. If you haven’t encountered them yet, have patience, you will manifest them soon.

And don’t forget, “The happiness in your life counts according to the people around you!”

Leave a comment…if you like the article..stay tuned for more such life hacks..love ya!


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