“PCOD”: what to eat?? what to avoid??

I believe all of you have gone through the “PCOD” – What is it?? how you get it?? how to manage it??  post earlier and have become familiar with how it is been caused? What are the symptoms? What things are affecting it?. Today, we swanksters decided to go in depth and make you more aware about the foods which are super beneficial and which should be avoided for PCOD.

PCOD foods should be such that it helps reduce weight and positively affects hormones and improves insulin resistance. A moderate intake of complex carbohydrates, high protein and fair intake of healthy fats is advisable.
   1) Increase Fibre intake;
Women with PCOD tends to become insulin resistant, meaning body is not able to utilize the amount of insulin produced efficiently. Foods that are high in fibre helps in fighting against insulin resistance by slowing down the digestion and thus reducing the impact of sugar on our body. Foods high in fibers are broccoli, nuts, beans, lentils and whole grains.

2) Anti Inflammatory Food;
Load up on tomatoes, kale, spinach, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, fruits, fatty fish and whole grains that have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of the cause of PCOD, hence it becomes necessary to reduce the inflamed area. The foods mention above helps to the best in reducing it.
3) Increase Omega-3 fatty Acid Intake;
Omega-3 fatty acids are known to balance hormones and also improve insulin levels. Consume foods like fish, olive oil, avocado and nuts and seeds.
4) Green Tea;
Green tea has anti inflammatory properties and it also helps in improving metabolism. It has antioxidants which helps in reducing stress and thereby reducing one of the symptoms of PCOD.

1) Sugar;
The topmost in the list of foods to avoid is SUGAR. Mostly all types of sugar are capable of raising blood sugar levels and hence contributing to insulin resistance. This includes fruit juices, sweeteners, cakes, chocolates, soft drinks, energy drinks, processed foods. Instead consume foods which have natural sugar in it like honey.
2) Dairy products;
Dairy products such as milk, cheese,yogurt, creams, sour cream, all types of cheese should be avoided or their consumption should be very little. The main problem with certain dairy products is it contains insulin growth factor which basically mimics insulin and that is what is problematic for PCOD women.
3) Alcohol;
All the cocktails and mocktails are sugar bombed, which means they contain high level of sugar in it. This leads to high insulin level in the body. It is also depressant and makes one feel low and tired.
4) Meat;
All type of processed meats or meats that have been preserved by salting, smoking, canning should be strictly avoided. The reason behind avoiding is they contain all type of unhelpful ingredients such as sugar, dairy products which are enemies of PCOD.



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Leave a comment..if you liked the post on PCOD..help us to add more points if any..stay healthy and stay tuned for more such healthy tips..love ya!!!

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