Be the “BEST” and forget the rest!!

“ I never had a policy. I have just tried to do my very best each and every time” 

– Abraham Lincoln
                           …Being a toddler, singing those nursery rhymes accurately was the biggest achievement ever. Those were the days, when scoring A+ on the progress report was your only goal and you used to thrive so hard just to bring out the “Best in you”. you had that zeal, that passion to get it, no matter what!!! where is it now??? where is the urge, to “Be the best”, the way unerringly you had in high school? what happened exactly??

This habit of being your best is now adrifted from yourself. Now being acquainted with the fact that, even if we put so much effort, it won’t matter, as we are stuck in the predetermined notion of not being appreciated by anyone around us, be it the Boss, or the company we work for!
When we started writing for the blog, we had that anxiety of not being accepted by any of you. Will we able to get useful topics to share with you? Will be able to deliver the desired information you are actually looking for? And the most important how to write effectively? such zillions of questions, where 80% were void, still they would pop up making us even more apprehensive!! This kind of skepticism is normal while starting with something new. But we Arians decided to not to be judgmental and give our best at whatever we put in for our audience.
By accepting this, we tend to be more productive and effective. This fear if practiced regularly leads to proficiency and once expertism is achieved, you find thousand other ways of doing that particular thing more efficiently.
Even if you are working for someone or starting with something new or doing what you love, just do your best and leave the rest. Set your mind to put in that extra effort in whatever is assigned to you, think as if it is the only primary task of your life and it will surely lead to “Triumph”.

” There is no elevator to have to take the stairs” – Anonymous.

when you see any person driving a vehicle or if you yourself do, you will realize, that it ought to be so perfect without any mistake. The judgement of the road, the vehicle, sign boards, signals, everything seems so easy,  how? because of the confidence. Confidence makes you to deliver the best. As mentioned, if you continue being your best version you will achieve proficiency in it and later all your judgements will work. While you are in the process of achieving the judgements, you will fail, you will be disheartened, you would think of giving up, but just hold on and give it another shot, don’t worry, everyone does fail, but only few succeed, coz they had that patience and zeal just like a toddler, that child who always aimed to win is still alive in them, you had killed yours, or might be he just stopped to tie his shoe laces!!
Eklavya, the self learned person is an inspiring character of Mahabharata. Even though he didn’t had his right thumb, he is noted as most powerful archer. He himself learned the art of arching with mere practice and patience.

Don’t thrive for others certificating you, Be your own hero, pat your self, compliment your self, and “Be the best”

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