6 Essential make-up products for college!!

                             Since many girls out there had just entered into the world of fascinating stuffs i.e. “college”. its obvious that you wanna look appealing and tedious at the same time.
The transition from school to college can be daunting. For most of them, its an experiment with their style, fashion sense, looks, including their makeup. With zillions of products available in the market, it can be confusing too.

We are here with some easy tricks which you can follow to look gorgeous in a simplest way;
For college don’t go out with loud makeup unless its a fresher party, instead follow some basic tips and tricks that are super fast to do and brings out the difference instantly.
  • The idea here is to look fresh and glowing. To begin with, make sure your face is clean and hydrated.
  • we would recommend here to use BB cream instead of foundation to look more basic and natural. Dab some BB cream all over the face and neck blend well by your finger tips.
  • Next step is to set it with the help of compact. Apply the compact evenly all over the face and neck and make sure it blends well with the above. use your shade wisely. we don’t wanna look all puffed up with powder. oriflame has all natural products, so if you have sensitive skin please go for it.


  • Once face makeup is done , use a waterproof eyeliner to define your eyes and swipe some mascara to the lashes. Many of the mascara products in the market tend to spread after 3-4 hrs, Swiss beauty mascara is cream based it dries up easily and not to worry about spreading. Use the color bar liner with pointed tip to get that finished look.


  • kajal – The most essential product for every day make up. keep this handy with you it adds the depth and definition to your eyes and makes you look flawless.

  • Finish your look with your favorite lip balm or a light colored lipstick.

                  Always carry a makeup kit or a pouch to dump in the essentials.  Kajal, mascara are must for highlighting the eyes.  If you are eyeshadow lover then go for the pop up colors. For natural look brown eyeshadow can be used. Also carry a Moisturiser as it moisturises the skin and gives hydrated look.
Go glam and get prepped with these college essentials and don’t forget to adorn that confidence!!!
Click on the link above to buy the product at the comfort of your home!!
leave a comment..if you find this post useful..stay tuned for more such beauty tips..love ya..!

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