Check this out if you find old-age as boring!!

                               For years I’ve heard women balk at their age, lie about their age, and joke about being “forever 29”, and I never got it. I mean, age means credibility, age means another beautiful year of our life, but everyone wants an alternative to aging. However, my neighboring aunt is so adorable, who has turned 50 recently and her zest for life is incredible. I was having a word with her yesterday and i realized how organised and productive she is with her life even at fifty, too joyous and kind as always. She is half a century old and now have fewer days in front of her than behind her but she is quite mellowing.

        Her words,”I prefer to look at every situation as an opportunity to grow” swayed me. I shared these episode with Amita and we thought of penning it down for you all, so you can help your parents or grandparents (wishing we have followers of these age group too) to live their life cheerfully.
Jotted down some points, we thought it would be useful;
man planting plant
Plant your plate!
Gardening is the new profession. Create super colorful garden at your front yard and engage yourself at growing veggies you love. This will help you get more natural foods at your table and soon you would kick out all those preserved stuffs which are dangerous for health.
Be a Mentor!
Age is not just a number but bundle of experiences too. With all the ups and downs, ebb and the flows you are superabundant with skills, maturity, observations, expertise. Use all these in a definite way by being mentor to someone. Give the required guidance and help the inferiors to dwell with the solution for the problems the world has to offer.
acoustic background beach guitarist
Learn new instrument!
As we are struggling all are lives doing hardships, we tend to miss these not so important but soul warming things. Music is peace and divine. Look around at the instrument which interests you or you thought of learning sometime in your life but you couldn’t. Enroll yourself for the classes, indulge yourself into music with your favorite instrument and believe me it will  be worth an investment.
Read a book!
books are man’s best friend, of any age!! Reading books comes with its unduly benefits. It expands knowledge, leads to mental stimulation, fluency in vocabulary, improves focus and it takes you to the whole new world. Make habit of reading for few minutes or an hour or so daily.
man and woman sitting on bench in grayscale photography
start a blog!
uuhhaa..our fav!!! If you are someone who is superior at writing and have expressive thoughts then please go ahead and share it with the world. Develop your niche and start posting, that’s all you need and your are up with your blog. In the longer run this can earn you some money too.
    All the mentioned tips are just at the comfort of your home. Enjoy your time and that too productively. Make your days fulfilled and just grow everyday.

“Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” – Victor Hugo

leave a comment..If you find these post helpful for your adorable old ones and want more such tips..stay tuned…love ya!

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