“POWER DRESSING” – what is it all about???

Men have always dominated the professional world whether to be on the top of the hierarchy or dressing for that matter. Earlier women’s share in professionalism was restricted but as the avenues increased women too became self independent and had voice for their words. To compete with men in all backgrounds women also started dressing the way men did. There the concept of “Power Dressing” was introduced.


The term was introduced in 70’s and it took around decade to popularize. It is a fashion style that enables women to establish their authority in the professional world, which has been subjugated by men. The tailored  3 piece suit, padded shoulder and high heels are the main elements of power dressing. The power packed dress is biggest advantage for working women, as it not only looks good but also boosts confidence. Pulling out this “Girl Boss” look is little challenging but its all the worth.

Here are the certain tips to posses “Power Dressing”

  • Simplicity at its best!

Simplicity is always sexy. Try to be simple with the outfits and layer down to the minimum. Select the outfits as per the body structure and go for the silhouettes which blend well with your body.

IMG_7786 (2)

  • Be  colorful!

Advancing colors are talk of the town and yes they look tremendously sexy in suits. Also to achieve the posh & sleek look of power dressing, try to select colors which are neutral or black, white, grey, blue, tan. Try to be more experimental with colors.

  • Tailor made!

No need for the high end fashion runway structured look, just have your suits tailored well to fit you properly. It would be nice to have shaped look than going for loose and flowy one. It will give more of the confidence and augment your curves.

IMG_7747 (2)

  • Detailing!

Pay attention to smallest of  detailing which will help you to get cohesive and well put together appearance.

  • Makeup!

You wouldn’t want sporting your favorite suit and high heels with hair looking like a mess or loud makeup as if you are off for party. Keep the makeup as minimal as you can to enhance the classy look of your outfit and hairstyle neatly done. Top it up with  mascara and lip color that goes with your suit.

IMG_7777 (2)

  • Accessories!

Last but never the least, always accessorize your cloth, it’s kind of value addition to the outfit. Avoid wearing cheap accessories as it ruins the desired look. Go for a classy watch and small earrings/studs or a tiny neck-piece. Heels with vibrant colors will add up to the vibe!

IMG_7740 (2)

The most powerful part is try being comfortable in what to wear. And don’t forget the mantra…”Confidence is the Key”..!

Leave a comment….if you wanna add your point..stay tuned for more such fashion tips..love ya!!

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