6 Style games you need to learn from “AK”

Lately we discovered many diversifying styles for Men’s clothing. There are n number of style icons in Indian entertainment industry. But one of them is “Breaking the Mould” of methodological sense of style. .

What type of silhouette it is that he can’t play with?? Be it a movie promotion or an event, he is up with his fashion game. You will never see him with unassuming clothing.

We have come up with his oh so fabulous style statements;

Trench with style

Wearing a T-shirt on a checkered trouser??? plunk that trench on and see your style going mystical or grab those vibrant chinos and pair it up with a trench.



Parka Punch!

pretty distinctive and appealing Metallic Parka Jacket which adds an oomph factor on that black wrapped kurta and white denims. If you wanna be on spotlight then this is your good to go outfit!


Silhouette player!!

Making that statement style need some guts, play with your boring kurta and be the talk of an event. Let your kurta steal the show!!!


Layering like a pro!

You are in a desperate need of intriguing some expertise lessons from “AK”. Layering your clothes without looking messy is a style statement in itself.



Baggy pants:

Pleated cotton baggy pants bagged a big thumbs up from us, for occasion wear or if you are up for any event. we think this should be on the list of every guy’s wardrobe.



50 shades of AK!

Play with that colour pallet like an ace. These shirts with classy textures of colour are sort of fashion future.


Supplement your closet with these classy uber cool style, and you won’t be puzzled while choosing your outfit for any occasion.

Leave a comment, if we missed to present any style of AK..and stay tuned for more such fashion tips…love ya!

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