“BLOOMING” – out of nowhere…!

How many times in a day do you wish for different life? Wish to live in a different place than now? Doing different job, the job that you would love to do? We all have gone through this or may be going through this and it’s always exhausting.

grayscale photography of trees

“I was standing in my balcony busy staring the dark sky pouring tonnes of water to accomplish Mother Earth’s thirst. Over to my left, I noticed a flower “blooming” from nowhere. After few minutes of observing i realized, that the flower was growing from the cracks on the concrete walls for which the rain was favoring to grow. If a flower can grow irrespective of appropriate soil, proper sunlight, fertilizers, then why can’t we humans?

Often you are unhappy, complaining about the circumstances, cursing your lives, but you tend to forget that this is the place you are destined to be, so overcome the obstacles, fight against it and grow, not just grow but “BLOOM”.

low pink petal flower with green leaves

Imagine if a rose bud looks down to its thorns, will it refuse to bloom? Similarly your flaws are for real, your hard times are for real but instead of criticizing and making it a reason to deprive, why not to fight and make the best out of it and just grow.

Why do you think that little flower survived? Because it hit back to the obstacle with mere trust in itself and without any fault-finding attitude about not having enough resources, but just a cement wall, it “Bloomed”, even from the tiny cracks making its way out and turned out to be successful.


It can be a job, house, partner, place… anything that you are wishing to get rid of, but what if you decide to stop disapproving it and making the best out of it with whatever you have right know?

adult alone anxious black and white

Accept rather than ignoring:

Whatever the situation is, let it be the hardest battle, just “BAM” into it. Accepting it willingly will only do one thing “GLORIFY”. it might feel difficult at the beginning, but once you start, everything will fall into place. Find the surprising amount of opportunities in the hurdles, like a video game, get that bonus points while you are on your most difficult journey of your life and you will get an “Extra Life”.

Stop Criticizing:

Just remember, nothing lasts, not the happiness nor the problems, then why to give more power to those problems by stressing on it, which would not even gonna last?? So Stop to overthink about the problems, neglect the unjust side of the situation and try to make most of the positive side. Focus on your work, Indulge in activities which make you think creatively and differently on handling out the circumstances.

 Be a Blessing 

Show the willingness to address the problem. Be a “Blessing” to your surroundings, engage people to think, to accept, to grow in the hardest of time. Teach them to be content with what you have and not what you wished for. Look for the ways to be a blessing for someone who is going through the same situation.

man in red crew neck sweatshirt photography

You are not aware that by doing all these things you are gonna manufacture a strong personality of yours, and tend to learn vital lessons for your next adventure. So just smile, push yourselves, grow and “BLOOM”.

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