In this world of junk – can we “TRY” to be a little healthy??

Disha is not that foodie, she can stay onn even with one portion of meal in the morning!! ..that is really surprising for me..coz I am kind of person who can’t resist street food/ junk food when I am on the go and even if I am at home, i just pick up my phone and order it… for the reason that I crave for it so much that I don’t need my senses that force me to the nearby food stall when I am out, see how habitual I am for that junk.

person using black blood pressure monitor

Slowly and steadily it started taking toll on my health and I started facing health issues every now and then. I had to visit my family doctor every month for some or the other health problem and I was losing my money in the casino of diseases.

I felt this is high time to act on it. So I started cultivating some healthy habits in my day to day routine. There was mere Insignificancy in my habits when i started off, but still I was glad I took a step towards it.

woman girl silhouette jogger

Slowly and steadily it helped me a lot, it helped me to understand that I need to worship my body with soulful food rather than destroying it by dumping all fancy looking and delicious but hazardous stuffs.

without delaying furthur, I am sharing with you’ll 7 things what I do to keep my health on track:

1. Warm water with apple cider vinegar:

I kick start my day with a glass of warm water mixed with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in it on an empty stomach or you can have it one or half n hour before going to bed. Stir it and have it sip by sip. Due to its pungent taste it may pop out never seen expressions on your face, but it’s worth being part of your daily routine. It consists potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, and E along with a list of benefits attached. what would i say about its benefits, just name them and there you are, it Boosts energy, Balances blood sugar level, fights abdominal pain and digestive issues, minimizes bloating, heartburn, clears bad breath, sore throat, cleanse liver, boosts immune system, curb random cravings, destroys bacteria and germs and makes sure that to get sound sleep.


2. A fruit a day keeps the doctor away :

Chunk on a whole fruit, make a milkshake, juice it up, have it with plain curd, try all these options if you are bored to have just a fruit instead. it turns out to be healthy and delicious at the same time.


3. lets Go Nuts:

I always keep a jar full of nuts stored in my room, so whenever I get attacked by hunger pangs my so called “Nut army” is ready for my rescue. They are nutritious, healthy, delicious and most important, they are “guilt free”.

almonds pistachios cashews dried nuts

4. Portion of meals with added “Greens”:

Try having small portions of meal every 2-3 hrs in a day with added plate of salad. I know it’s quite difficult to pour justice on this method, especially if you are flooded with busy work schedules, meeting, etc. but I suggest you to try it once, you will realize the difference and the reason why I am stressing on it. Sometimes I manage to follow it and sometimes I am not able to, and the day I don’t, I leave myself bloating.

bowl chairs cooking cuisine

5. Life Saver – Water:

Start with at least 2-3 litres of water a day. We mostly tend to miss this routine. Your body needs hydration. If you want to skip a glass of water, have coconut water, its an ideal alternative. It has great electrolyte replacement, cleanses and detoxifies, good for maintaining blood sugar level, helps in weight loss, lowers cholesterol and reduces cellulite.

beverage blur bricks cocktail

6. Cherry on top – Exercise/yoga:

Now move your butts and start with some low key exercise/yoga. Beginning with some stretching in the morning itself will freshen up your mood, leaving you with motivation and energy to kick start your day. I stretch it out in the morning followed by exercising for half n hour (morning/evening) and i can feel the pumped up energy n motivation in me.


7. Kill that “Junk”:

I’m not saying not to eat it at all. Have it, but limit yourself. This is the most important key to get rid of that junk from your body. I myself have it once in a while. I’ll tell you, for example, if I had it today then for next 20 days I don’t crave for it. Its that simple.

potatoes fun knife fork
Here i am talking about fries not the potatoes.

keep in mind that anything that you do every day, will form a part of your routine, it will be called as a “Habit”. And once this routine becomes your habit, you will yourself feel left out when you skip any of the above routine. To make it simpler, continue this routine for 21 days, it will gradually develop as a habit in your day to day life.


Try to indulge above points in your routine. It will help in many ways, getting rid of Mood swings, will help you feel motivated, energetic, give you strength, calmness, you won’t feel guilty any more, whole lot of benefits. Is there any reason left ?? not to try it??…so wake up before its out of hand and stay happy..stay fit!!

Leave a comment if you want to add something which i missed.. and stay tuned for more such healthy tips for healthy ya!!


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