Are you savoring your Monday Morning???

        Ask this question to anyone and the monotonous answers would be…. “No”, my work sucks…. i am fed of my boss…. Who likes to work under monsters?? and so on….

        The kids are done with the vacations and schools have been started. The day they realize that they are suppose to go to school, all the energy which was revamped in those free days suddenly goes for the crash. The reason behind these crash is, they are not happy going to school while disturbing their so found schedule of being with friends and just enjoying without any homework to do, without tutions and without their forcefully made favorite place called “school”. It sounds hilarious when kids say, “Mumma, I don’t wanna go to school, I don’t wanna study……when would I retire from school???”. This things Sounds pretty comical when that come from little innocent broods, but when we look around we witness that almost 90% of the population is unhappy with their work.
       Today morning I (Disha) pulled myself out of bed, did my morning chores(‘the daily rituals’ i name them) and when i was scrolling through the pictures of Merrymaking engagement of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta and gazing at the outfits they wore with mere determination, as we all damsels do and as i was almost lost in their glittery ceremony pictures, my phone started vibrating and there was my friend at the other end to pull me out of this spere bash. As we were talking, i realized how frustrated he was  about his work, office, his boss, the same monotonous work, the “MONDAY MORNING BLUES”.
           And as we were having conversation i comprehended that it was happening with almost everyone. After spending time with family and friends on weekends we are not ready to force ourselves to work. The main reason behind this is the competition. We no more try to get the happiness from the work we do but we view it as the element of competition not with your oneself but with every one else. Earlier people use to earn to get their daily bread and butter, but these days people work just to keep themselves up in the corporate world, to pull someone down and this has left us with only one thing i.e. “Competition”.

        Competition is healthy only if it’s with yourself. Try to push yourself up in everything you do and not only you but everyone around you. Upgrade yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and in every aspect of life. Be disciplined towards your work, love what you are doing, instead of pulling others down focus on pushing yourself up, find new ways of doing your work, new goals, new innovations, new techniques and here you are with NEW YOU. By doing this you will start liking, infact loving your work. Every Monday you will be off to work with new energy, new vibes and new goals and no more “MONDAY MORNING BLUES“.

       So charge yourself with happy vibes and make your workplace even better with that energy you drive into your work feeling satisfied that you are improving yourself makes you to beat that Monday Blues…
we hope this inspiring message will help you to get going!!!
leave a comment if you want more such inspiring thoughts to make your day much ya!!

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