Beard and hairstyles that men own – but do women really like those??

What men like and what they really need are two different things when it comes to styling their facial hair and owning a particular haircut/hairstyle. It depends majorly on the thought whether you want to impress a woman with your style or you don’t really bother and flaunt your own.

Majority of our male friends ask us questions about styling their beard and hair like, what style will suit me?? Would this style look good on me??

So basically we came to the conclusion that men require some tips for styling their beard and hair that undoubtedly women would love!!

We came up with 5 styles that women would die for!! Yeahh… You heard it right…take a look!!!

Short and medium hairs with stubble Beard

A stubble beard and haircut which is trendy, gives out ample amount of stylishness. This combination is quite simple to maintain and easy to cultivate . it is classy yet can be adorned at workplaces as well. We personally love this style out of sophistication.

Short beard with faded haircut


The most popular and trendy look. Keep that faded haircut and trim those facial hairs and you are done! Short beard is more adaptable, modest and office-friendly alternative. This one is quite simpler to style, if you love that bearded look but too lazy to maintain it. Faded hairstyle is the popular and coolest one and also looks upright whether you have straight, curly or wavy hairs. Big thumbs up for this one.

Clean shaved

Yet another oldest, popular and classy look amongst women i.e. clean shaven. It comes with two benefits, you can impress your boss and women altogether. A low maintenance and hygienic way of sporting style. You don’t have to bother about lots of grooming, to apply beard oil or gel that attracts dust and lead to unhygienic facial hair. Also if you do not have a strong growth, don’t worry and go clean shaven with a faded haircut or simple one, both looks are full of confidence and trustworthiness.

Goatee beard and tapered moustache with short or medium hair

Not having much facial hair growth?? Still want to flaunt it?? ..then this one is the best option for you. Cool goatee beard style with a tapered moustache enhances your masculinity. Duo it with a short or faded haircut, it looks trendy on both. Since this look brings out your manly features, then oh boy!! What woman doesn’t want to fall for it?

Medium beard and long hair

Trendiest and hottest look now-a-days, between stubble and a full beard you get that look.  It offers jaw dropping masculinity yet expresses fun filled side of you. You just need to take good care with regular beard oil and maintaining hygiene. Now this look requires quite a maintenance, but as you say no pain no gain, so be it!

Guys last and the most important thing to note, start grooming yourself it you want that attention flowing towards you!!

leave a comment if you want more grooming and styling tips….love ya!!

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