Just a “random” thought!!

Yesterday, when it was raining heavily in Mumbai. We both had a craving for cup of hot steamy masala tea and a plate of yummy pakodas­. The very moment, we both jumped out of our dwellings and headed towards nearby café and grabbed those cosy seats near to the window, while gulping that soul refreshing masala tea, we overheard the cute conversation of old couple sitting next to our table

The Gentleman asked the lady, “shall we go for a movie??”

In return she replied: “yes, even I don’t want to miss this golden chance!!” ,  And they mischievously winked at each other.

We couldn’t resist hearing their cute conversation. Their planning continued. They were done with the schedules and were about to leave, the lady somehow managed to stand on her own while the gentleman asked her for support as he was struggling with getting up by himself and was unhappy with his weakness. The lady profoundly offered her hand in help and said “Arey, I am there for you always, don’t worry.” And they left.

Their conversation left us with Goosebumps our giggling were led to a mere silence and made us to rethink about those words, that are so regular yet so profound …..“I am always there”. Whether be a 25 yr old or 60 yr old we all need that someone to hold our hand and say these words. We believe this is an eternal vow, the biggest commitment, the act of strength. The lady herself was not able to walk properly but she gave bucket full of strength to that old man by her simple words.


In life there are times when you feel low, life is hitting hard, relationships are not working, life at job sucks, mentally, physically & emotionally you are shattered and at these phases of your life, you need that someone whom you can knock at 3 in the morning and they would love to be there for you. They show they are with you no matter what life brings to your plate, they will always be with you. These words gives you strength, energy, a push to overcome problems.  If you have that someone you are fortunate enough. Try to be that someone to somebody. Listen to them, understand them and give them the support, the push, the commitment of being with them and they won’t lose in life’s toughest exam, flying with colours of your strength.

Just see the coincidence, we went to that café to refresh ourselves and we got so much to learn, so much to cherish what we had, lucky to have that “Always there” person in our lives, with a smile on our faces and a deep sense of contentment of being strength to each other, we left from that café.

leave a comment if you like our thought and want some more..love ya!!

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