Cut it short – VOGUE’s July edition sneak peak..

Every first week of the month we pop up from our couches in excitement whenever the doorbell rings…waiting to behold the mesmerizing chapters of Vogue magazine… Yeahh…..we received our vogue’s July edition today!! Since it’s a huge bunch of fashion, beauty, lifestyle tips and products which are in trend, it’s a savor to your eyes. We can’t stop gazing at the beautiful apparels and jewelry which we had only dreamt of embracing on our body, all these amazing collection of fascinating stuffs they pick and put it in one place just for their viewers!!

since the July edition was all about Sonam Kapoor’s beautiful Wedding album…but apart from this, we managed to spot some exclusive fashion, style & accessories.

And we thought of giving you a short tour of the most impressive things which we came across in the magazine, just for you to make it simpler!

Some unique and yet so chic products which we would personally love to buy:

Fashion hungry lobsters, aren’t they just adorable???


Gucci Yankee hats, for those who are in love with Gucci and a true baseball fan, this ones for you..


Now, this was something which was seen in pre-fall ’18 & we liked it too, brands are going fur-free!! Gucci & Micheal kors led the movement followed by Versace and Maison Margeila, we thought this was a good initiative carried out by fashion brands!



Geometric shapes are always in trend, let it be fashion, books or Decor! Spotted this hexagonal cross body bag from ZARA!

leopard prints, my personal favorite (Amita) from bags, jumpsuits, trousers to shoes, tidy tray, u can find everything in this print, these are season’s special, loved this amazing stilettos!

JImmY Choo – “ROmy” Shoes

PURPLEThe Pantone Colour of the year, which always rules, get some purple addiction! 


The 80’s trend is back, show the name baby!! Brands showcasing their names on accessories, apparels, quite in vogue!!


Ditch those boring raincoats and just look at these!! we would love to wear these even if its not raining. Amazing rainy wear collection on the go!! Transparent trench coat, plastic lace raincoat, plastic earrings, plastic belted trench coat, plastic shirt, plastic boots, film backpack!! 

Wrap in plastic …Awestruck fantastic!!


The Absolute must haves from Neha kapoor Nayyar’s (the lady of Hensely) capsule closet ideas, now these ideas should be on every gal’s closet list.

  • A pair of wide legged trousers that work with both tshirt and a blouse
  • A good LBD which can be paired with flats
  • Anything metallic(works every time)
  • An oversized cashmere sweater
  • A great layering overcoat


Polka dottts, another season’s special, we think it’s always a season’s special that never goes out of style….spot me if you can!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And last but never the least…..Inspiration from the Queen of Pop..DENIM & DIAMONDS!

Shine Bright like a Diamond!!


This was all from the “swanksters” hand picked for the fashionistas..Get in VOGUE!!

Want more from Trending styles??..Leave a comment and let us know…love ya!!

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