The trouble is you think you have time -Buddha

Thankfully me and amita value time of ourselves as well as others!! Many times i have encountered the situation wherein i am waiting for a particular person and that person turns up after an hour or more than that. i always feel people are not aware of  the guilt they are pondering on me, coz i wasted my 1 hour which i would have utilized to do something productive. it seriously gets on my nerves!

people from all over the world face one or the other situation like this, like i do. So, lets talk about your time and how to use it preciously as we do for other material things.


Had anyone ever asked you to explicate minutely about the 24 hours in your life? Did you used it productively or in vain? Did you utilize it to fullest? Exempt others we don’t even ask such questions to ourselves.  Reason behind these is we don’t value time. How you value time? Mere nuts or as 24 carat gold?  A flying jet or a bullock cart?

I have always heard parents guiding their children on the calculations, logic, pros and greys of valuing money, So and so is damn expensive, this thing costs more than its value not worth buying and so on…. these  makes children understand the worth colorful notes held. But they sometimes fail to make children value irreplaceable time.

The reason is we get time as free, we don’t pay in return for the time we have. Its human nature to value things which are earned against exchange of mullahs. But the rare truth is time is money, time is precious and time wasted is opportunity wasted. If certain thing as been theft or lost or broke we can buy them but time lost is lost forever.

Try to employ your time as much as you can. If you are fixed for the appointment at 6 be there at 6. The management of time is call for the day. First habit or the first step in managing time is punctuality. Also be punctual, inherit these in your life you will eventually start valuing time.


  • Plan your day the night before,
  • ditch the unimportant projects,
  • use a to do list,
  • be productive towards everything you do,
  • delegate where needed, have ME time,
  • learn from the best,
  • set some targets some deadlines to achieve,
  • have goals and start working towards it within decided time span and just practice….

practice makes everyone perfect. Make sure to utilize your day to the fullest.


leave a comment , if you want more such motivating thoughts…love ya!


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