Trees – are they really our best friends???

Recently one of my friend was sharing with me about his beautiful and soulful experience of tree plantation drive, which he was part of, and shared some pictures on his Facebook account. I thought it was deep, I never thought of this so usual “planting trees” thing other way around. I discussed this with Disha, from that very moment there were bunch of questions running in our minds which we couldn’t resist blogging!!!

IMG-20180703-WA0027 (2)

People say they are obsessed with greenery, fresh air and picturesque sight of beautiful trees, flowers, landscapes. Why do we spend our holidays at a place where there is refreshing weather and greens everywhere to rejuvenate or in other words take a “break” from routine life and return back to that polluted cities, what we call “home”, the place where we actually dwell??  Are trees really our best friends?? Do we really need their existence?? If yes, then why we only remember them when we want to pause from our busy hectic schedules and city traffic?? And forget about it when we are back to our normal life??

IMG-20180703-WA0026 (2)IMG-20180703-WA0025 (2)

In this world of mere plastic we require true friends who will always provide their shade no matter what the situation is. With their existence we won’t die of pollution. We should tell ourselves that we love trees and we should nurture them rather than cutting them off from our lives. True friends are those who embrace our souls, they are not just for benefits.

Whenever you get a chance go for it, plant a tree, it will really make you happy and satisfied that you did your 1% job of saving this half dead planet.

IMG-20180703-WA0015 (2)IMG-20180703-WA0012 (2)

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