Pain. Period. – what I do, so I don’t get it on my nerves!!!

So this very morning i got up with that damp feeling under my clothes and that uugghhh… expression on my face. In a while I called up Amita that I couldn’t make it for our first photo-shoot we had planned since ages for our first blog!


I really didn’t want to mess up our first ever photo-shoot with those ooohss and aahhss all around. Then, I seriously thought that it’s high time to google some hacks to get rid of those monsters (cramps & mood swings). Since so many years I am holding this pain, and the solution was to bunk lectures/ bunk office. Now I don’t want to bear it anymore and I started googling.

To my surprise, these hacks actually made me feel better and I felt annoyed that why didn’t I tried this before!!!


Since I (the fifty percent of swankyarians) am going through this dreadful pain currently, so i thought about sharing these hacks with you to get solace from these deadly period cramps.


Why do we get it??

PERIODS are basically when our body releases tissue it no longer uses or needs. Every month or few more months (as in some case), the lining of the uterus gets thicker and that lining is released from the vagina through blood which we call it as periods.

Google gifted hacks:


There are many heating bags, patches, pads of various reliable companies available in the market, some are electrical while some are reusable ones. Just keep the heating bag on your abdomen, rotate it clockwise and you will be at relief. What happens here is heating relaxes the muscles, which are the key cause of pain and hence we get relief


I know, I am sounding little crazy, for the reason, that we can hardly move during our “P” days, but believe me a normal brisk walk/normal yoga/ exercise/ cycling/ swimming will help in easing the belly pain. When we exercise our body pumps more blood and hence the release of tissue becomes smoother. Also Physical activity lifts moods and improves depression. It produces feel-good brain chemicals that may help counteract some of the hormone changes that may trigger severe mood swings.

6 yoga poses to follow during your periods:



Now ginger is a quite good source of belly pain reliever and it works like magic. Boil crushed ginger with a glass full of water in a vessel, let it come to room temperature/ or you can have it when it’s warm, gulp it into your belly sip by sip, it will slowly provide relief. Repeat this 3 times a day and continue for 2-3 days when you get heavy flow. You can keep bottle of ginger water handy when you are out and sip it whole day. Slowly and steadily month by month the pain will reduce.



If in case you don’t have ginger with you, don’t panic, I have one more hack for you. Drink hot water, have it sip by sip just like tea/coffee. Again keep hot water bottle handy during your periods and sip on at regular intervals. Here also hot water relaxes the muscles and reduces the pain as the hot water bags do.


Try to eat small frequent meals rather than just mugging up like there won’t be tomorrow! Eat six small meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels steady and help ease mood swings.


Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. This will really help to lift up your mood and get that energy so that you won’t ditch your important commitments.



So gals don’t worry when you hit your monthly cycle follow the tips above and do mention the benefits you experienced from the these easy beezy must try hacks, rather life hacks I would say.

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Leave a comment below, if you want more such tips/hacks to add in your lifestyle…love ya!


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