First Excitement & First Exhaustion – Shoppers stop/ Central/ Max ongoing Monsoon Sale!

Today as bloggers we both did something new, “a mall haul”….sharp at 11 in the morning. We were outside the Central mall, Vashi (New Bombay) and hopped in as soon as it kick off.  We can’t explain the level of excitement & anxiety we were going through coz we were unaware of the scenario we would encounter. Two minds, hundreds of questions…will we be able to click the photos as we believed? Will the store people co-operate? Will there be a good collection? And so on…… we were too skeptical!

IMG_20180630_111518_HDR (3)
IMG_20180630_111733_HDR (2)
Lemme think..what the expression is about!!
Shopping at Central – Coverstory, iti (brands)

As we got in the three storey “Fashion” mall, we looked at each other and the next moment we went in chorus “let’s play Box cricket..haha”. we were mesmerized by their collection in each brand they have on their palate and on top of that, it was flat 50% OFF. we were firm to execute what was decided prior entering the store i.e. to click some mind-blowing pictures and move out, but den the moment we saw the collection our eyes popped out and we could not resist to try those awesome attire.

IMG-20180630-WA0166 (2)

IMG-20180630-WA0039 (2)
CENTRAL – Don’t you feel the same??

We tried some outfits from Coverstory, Veromoda, !ti (new brand with good collection of pleated dresses), AND and as we were trying we were tempted to buy too and yes u guessed it right we did that…..couldn’t help though!!


Wait wait we are still not done. Later we decided to explore Shopper stop and Max. We switched the mall and headed to Inorbit- Vashi (New Bombay). As you  know its monsoon sale all around and Shopper stop was not behind in that race, they were offering flat 50% OFF on almost all brands. We decided to try new & popular brands which only Shopper stop has to offer, like Nush & Rheson. Shopper stop didn’t disappoint us, it has variety to offer under a roof. Comparatively the collection, the ambiance, the store staff was far better with Central.


And then in the end we visited Max. It was super crowed as it was Saturday but still we some how managed to detect good clothes( bloggers turned detectives). If you don’t want to pinch your pocket much, then Max has the best collection to offer at reasonable rates. They have diversity in ethnics, casuals, formals, nightwear and accessories too.

IMG_20180630_124805_HDR (2).jpg


Hassshhhhh we were done for the day…. after so much of hard work our tummies were groaning, thank god malls have food courts!! then we hogged hogged  and hogged…. EXHAUSTED!!!!

PIC COURTESY – Disha Bhadra & Amita Borde.

Leave a comment if you like it and want more such fashion ya!

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