5 minutes step-by-step eye make-up tutorial, with just a “KAJAL”…

Hey babe, are you in a hurry for a party night or some occasion??  No time for make up? Grab that kajal from your bag and get going…

If you are kind of a lassie who never attends a party/ occasion without that sumptuous eye makeup, then this one’s for you!!!

Kajal is every girl’s BFF. Acquire an amazing Smokey eyed look with just a kajal and nothing else.

smokey eyes


Steps to follow:

  1. First of all wash your face and pat dry. Dab a loose compact powder (I use oriflame – light/medium) on your face and some more on your eyes and area around it.


  1. Since I have tanned skin tone, I had applied kajal generously covering my eyelid where I can feel my eyeballs as shown in the picture(I use lakme eyeconic), to get these dark Smokey eyes, if you are light skinned or would prefer lighter than this then apply subtle amount.


  1. This is the most important step… smudge…smudge baby! ..Yeahh, smudging correctly. With your index finger smudge the kajal in circular motion and inside direction. Do this step gently coz if you do it harshly just to finish faster, trust me it won’t help, rather it will take more time leaving your eyelid burning and red.


  1. If you have over done the eyelid area or the kajal has been spread on the sides of your eyelid while smudging…don’t worry, take your lip balm or Vaseline and a tissue or handkerchief, and clean up the places with extra kajal. On the side of your eyelid clear the kajal diagonally, like you do it to get winged liner.


  1. Apply kajal as liner on upper and lower lid just to add more definition to your eyes, smudge the lower lid kajal gently in inside direction with your pinky finger. Here I skipped the upper lid liner part.


  1. Further I had defined my eyebrows by applying gentle amount of kajal according to the shape of my brow, filling the empty area. I had also given extra shape to my brows to look thicker, the way I like it.


  1. For your eyelashes to look dense, just like mine (after picture). Dab a tiny amount of Vaseline or lip balm on your lashes with upward direction by your index finger, repeat it by replacing Vaseline with kajal. There you go!


Don’t forget to complete your look with a cute Bindi again with kajal itself! (For traditional look)

Try this technique beforehand when you have spare time, for the reason that you will get an idea to get this done more effectively and in a quickie.

PIC COURTESY: Amita Borde.

leave a comment if you want more tricks like this! love ya!

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