How to look tedious & classy at the same time during monsoons??

Whenever me and Disha head to work or for a casual outing or for a weekend trip for that matter, in monsoons, we are literally confused about, “what to wear???!!!!” for the reason that we want to look stylish without that soggy feeling, in case we get drenched in rains.

So we sorted out some options/alternates to sport a classy yet tedious look for any occasion you are headed to.

  1. Leggings


Nowadays leggings are a staple for every wardrobe and a good alternate for that messy churidar. However cotton leggings would again annoy you in monsoons, consequently viscose material leggings are more comfortable and it tends to be a quick dry fabric, which will not mess up your ethnic look while pairing it with Kurti and your casual look while pairing it with any loose fitting top or shirt or crop top

.2. Kurti/ kurta


Must haves for any occasion. Grab one of polyester/ Georgette/ crepe fabric, they have quick drying component and will make you feel fresh in monsoons for that 8-9 hrs. Long shifts or for any casual outing.

3. Shirts/ Tops

SHIRTFINALRuffles, pleats, bows add an oomph factor to your chiffon shirt or top. Chiffon is another fabric that gets water less easily. For an easy going chic look in monsoons these fancy chiffon or Georgette shirts or tops are a must for every lass out there.

4. Palazzo

PALAZZO FINALNow you must be thinking…”Palazzo?? Won’t it look messy?? When soaked up in rains??” …… no it won’t, palazzo with polyester fabric having quick dry quality gives a fashionable yet effortless look. Pair it with Georgette crop top/ crop shirt/ shirt tucked in for casual and stylish look or with long length Kurti for that absolute elegant look.

5. Dhoti pant

DHOTIFINALThis is another alternative for palazzo, if still you are not convinced with “palazzo in rains”…Dhoti pants are for your rescue. These are ankle length and has room to dry up quickly. Again polyester and crepe fabric plays an important role in monsoons. Team it up with short kurta for that elegant ethnic look.

6. Culottes

CULOTTESFINalDitch those jeans and cotton trousers and go for culottes, Savior on any rainy day. Culottes with Georgette and polyester fabric are awfully stylish and great on any casual/formal outing on a rainy day or a monsoon getaway. Pair these with crop top or shirt or singlet and there you go gal!!

7. Nylon Tees

TEEFINal2Monsoons are meant for trekking, nylon is more durable than polyester and absorbs moisture easily. So to keep yourself fresh and dry while wandering on that mountains, nylon tees are a must. Match up with leggings/ culottes or with nylon track pants and go hiking!

8. Rompers

ROMFINAL2Plunk that sleeky romper on for a weekend wander lusting. These are viscose and synthetic material rompers which is another quick dry fabric. It gives a trendy look with ease.

9. Jumpsuit

JUMPFINALAcquire a sophisticated look with a classy jumpsuit for work or leisure. Polyester and synthetic fabric jumpsuit are apt during monsoons.

Now you won’t feel confused while standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking how to look chic, in this beautiful weather without any muddle.

We made it easier for you, here are the links to shop some of the above collection online on (our favorite e-commerce site to buy good quality apparels) at the comfort of your home.

P.S. This is not a sponsored Blog!

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